1. LNER A4 Mallard and Virgin Trains 125

  2. Norfolk and Western 4-8-4 "Class J" Northern

  3. Southern Pacific GS-4 Daylight "Northern" 4-8-4

  4. 1957 Tri-ang Princess Royal

  5. B&O Capitol Limited high speed pass

  6. B&O Capitol Limited aerial shot

  7. Baltimore and Ohio Capitol Limited with E7

  8. Intercity and Vigin Trains 125 HSTs

  9. Hornby Intercity 125 and A4 Pacific "Mallard"

  10. Hornby Intercity 125 HST in Swallow livery

  11. Eurostar high speed pass-3

  12. Eurostar high speed pass-2

  13. Eurostar high speed pass-1

  14. Duchess of Gloucester passing at great speed

  15. (Incomplete) Broadway Limited Calfornia Zephyr

  16. Broadway Limited Calfornia Zephyr

  17. Santa Fe Blue Goose passing at speed

  18. Northern Pacific North Coast Limited

  19. Blue Goose departing from the Union Station

  20. Santa Fe Blue Goose with E8 and E6

  21. Santa Fe E6 with Heavyweights

  22. Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited (almost complete)

  23. Review of Hornby Streamlined Coronation Class "Duchess of Gloucester"

  24. Burlington Northern Empire Builder passing Northern Pacific Mainstreeter

  25. Long Freight with Northern Pacific U33s

  26. Santa Fe Super Chief with E8

  27. Santa Fe Super Chief-very fast!

  28. NYC Heavyweights Passenger train with Dreyfuss Hudson-2

  29. NYC Heavyweights Passenger train with Dreyfuss Hudson-1

  30. Delaware and Hudson Challenger with long freight

  31. New York Central 20th Century Limited with Dreyfuss Hudson

  32. Long Freight and Santa Fe Super Chief from bridge

  33. Virgin Trains 125 passing Main Station

  34. Amtrak California Zephyr with Genesis

  35. Burlington Northern Empire Builder

  36. Virgin and Intercity Swallow 125s

  37. Amtrak Capitol Limited passing Garrett Park MD

  38. Long Southern Pacific Freight