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Douchebag Sandwich. A Picture Song.

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Published on Jul 16, 2012

Hi! Hey! I'm writing these words on May 27, 2014! I don't know if you're just finding this video or watching it again, either way, hi and thank you. My name is Nice Peter, and I make songs and videos. I am going on a LIVE CONCERT TOUR in June and July of 2014, and I might be coming near you. I'm going to perform rap battles and songs, and you can meet me after the show if you want to. I'll be at:

MAY 31, THE IRENIC - SAN DIEGO http://bit.ly/1kcrmt3
JUNE 1, THE TROUBADOUR - LA http://bit.ly/1kcrtEY
JUNE 3, HARLOW'S - SACRAMENTO http://bit.ly/1kcruJa
JUNE 5, LOLA'S ROOM - PORTLAND http://bit.ly/1kcrx7L
JUNE 6, RICKSHAW - VANCOUVER http://bit.ly/1kcrxVp
JUNE 7, EL CORAZON - SEATTLE http://bit.ly/1kcrCbC
JUNE 10, ROXY THEATRE - DENVER http://bit.ly/1kcrF7i
JUNE 12, THE VANGUARD - TULSA http://bit.ly/1kcrIQg
JUNE 13, GRANADA - LAWRENCE, KS http://bit.ly/1kcrMQc
JUNE 15, VAUDEVILLE - DES MOINES http://bit.ly/1kcrQ2v
JUNE 16, FINE LINE - MINNEAPOLIS http://bit.ly/1kcrSYb
JUNE 18. REGGIE'S - CHICAGO http://bit.ly/1kcrV68
JUNE 19, BLIND PIG - ANN ARBOR http://bit.ly/1kcrWak
JUNE 21, WAITING BOOM - BUFFALO http://bit.ly/1kcrZTB
JUNE 23, LEE'S PALACE - TORONTO http://bit.ly/1kcs2yH
JUNE 24, WEBSTER HALL - NEW YORK http://bit.ly/1kcs49z
JUNE 25, JAMMIN' JAVA - VIENNA http://bit.ly/1kcsaOy
JUNE 27, CHOP SHOP - CHARLOTTE http://bit.ly/1kcsehr
JUNE 28, THE MASQUERADE - ATLANTA http://bit.ly/1kcsfBO
JUNE 29, HIGH DIVE - GAINESVILLE http://bit.ly/1kcskFJ
JULY 3, DEAF INSTITUTE - MANCHESTER http://bit.ly/1kcspJn
JULY 6, HARE & HOUNDS - BIRMINGHAM http://bit.ly/1kcstc6
JULY 7, THINK TANK - NEWCASTLE http://bit.ly/1kcsrB0
JULY 8, BROADCAST - GLASGOW http://bit.ly/ScDUuc
JULY 10, VOODOO LOUNGE - DUBLIN http://bit.ly/1mArUxE
JULY 11, THE EXCHANGE - BRISTOL http://bit.ly/Rybqup
JULY 12, BUSH HALL - LONDON http://bit.ly/ScDZ10
JULY 14, BATOFAR - PARIS http://bit.ly/ScE0lM
JULY 16, KB18 - COPENHAGEN http://bit.ly/1kctv82
JULY 18, JOHN DEE - OSLO http://bit.ly/1kctvVL
JULY 20, DEBASER - STOCKHOLM http://bit.ly/1kcttx3
JULY 22, PRIVATCLUB - BERLIN http://bit.ly/1kctAc3
JULY 23, DAS BETT - FRANKFURT http://bit.ly/1kctCjU
JULY 25, DEN EGLANTIER - ANTWERP http://bit.ly/1kctDo4
JULY 26, PARADISO - AMSTERDAM http://bit.ly/1kctEs9



We made you some yellow and green Sunglasses: http://bit.ly/NPSHADES
Click to Tweet this Vid-ee-Oh! http://clicktotweet.com/41l5n

Hi, I'm nice peter, thanks for watching my picture song
if you're looking for epic rap battles of history, I still make those too,
but I moved them onto their own channel, called http://youtube.com/ERB

I used to make more of these picture songs,
and more songs in general,
and then, for months, I would try, and nothing would come out.

I think its because I kept thinking about how many people are out there now.

but then, just a few days ago, I realized it doesn't really matter,
and I used to just make these videos for fun, and no matter how many people are out there, you are just one real person reading this, or maybe you're two people sitting next to each other,
or maybe you're a whole football team huddled around a computer, I don't know.

whoever you are, I'm glad you're here, 
and I'd like to keep making things for you.
this is my 101st video here on the nice peter channel,
and with another 150-ish videos on my other channels,
it's time for me to do a little traveling,
get some inspiration, see the world, write some new songs,
and come back with fresh energy, so I can make more rap battles, and good ones, and more picture songs, and more whatever.

I like getting your input, your ideas, it has always helped a lot.

A lot of people have asked me about these sunglasses, so we made some, and I'm gonna sign each pair with this little silver marker here, so if you'd like one there's a link above.

We're shooting a new music video before I go traveling, it's a song about how awkward I feel during the summertime in shorts, and its called Awkward White guys in shorts, and I'll have my friend SuperEd86 (he made a song called "this is my pee-pee a while back, it's amazing) help me upload it, because he's going to help me make it, and I hope you'll help me enjoy it.

if you liked this video, please share it around, and if you have ideas for new videos, let me know.  

see you soon,

-nice peter

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