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  1. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran (Perez Hilton Can You Sing Competition)

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  11. Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, Can you sing competition.

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  20. Perez Hilton Cover Competition Entry - Kiss me by Ed Sheeran

  21. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran cover

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  24. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran Cover

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  26. Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran (Cover Lexxi Saal 15 Years Old)

  27. Perez Hilton Cover Competition - Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

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  29. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran Cover (Perez Hilton Can You Sing Cover Competition)

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  33. Ed Sheeran "Kiss Me" Kitty Antix Cover

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  37. Perez Hilton's "Can YOU Sing? Contest" Kiss Me sung by Susan Rhodes

  38. Rebecca Zoe - Kiss Me (Ed Sheeran cover)

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  40. Ed sheeran cover

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  42. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran (A Keziah Cover)

  43. Ed Sheeran - Kiss me (Perez Hilton can you sing cover competition)

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  46. Kiss Me- Ed Sheeran (Uke-Happy Ukulele Cover)

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