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How To Tone Your Hips & Thighs

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Uploaded on Feb 28, 2012

http://losefatt.com - Losing weight from any part of the body requires a combination of exercise and a proper diet. This principle is no different if you want to lose leg fat. The good news is that the fat in your legs is easier to remove than from other parts of your body because these are the limbs that are most often in action and therefore they are undergoing some form of exercise.

Most people with heavy legs want to know how to lose fat in thighs. Indeed, the thighs seem adept at collecting fat better than most parts of the body. One of the best exercises for this is calve raises. This involves using the balls of your feet as a fulcrum and raising your legs so you are taller and then easing the body down again. Perform this exercise perched on the edge of a step for greater effectiveness.

If you have ever cycled up a hill, you would have felt the strain on your thigh muscles. Cycling is an excellent fat-remover, especially if you want to lose thigh fat fast, because the relevant muscles are being targeted. However, pedaling on a flat track at leisure speed will not work. You need to feel the pain of your thigh muscles battling a hill or an exercise bike set at a difficult gear.

Another method of how to reduce weight on your thighs involves the simplest exercise of all: walking. Not only is walking a great way to lose leg fat but it is an effective exercise for losing weight from all parts of your body. You could even combine walking with running, which is an even better weight-loss exercise.

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In fact, all types of cardio-vascular activity, whether it is running, cycling or even fast-paced skipping, will skim fat from your legs, belly and arms. As long as you are working against some sort of resistance, any intensive exercise designed to lessen fat from your legs will be effective.

While exercise is the best way to lose leg fat, some people either do not have the time or are reluctant to expend too much energy in their quest for slimmer legs.

They prefer to diet to lose leg fat. Dieting is how to lose weight on legs without burdening your body with pain, though healthy eating would be much more effective if it was combined with some sort of regular physical activity.

A simple way to cut down on fat build-up on the legs is to reduce carbohydrate intake, especially if you decide not to exercise with your diet. Unused carbs turn to fat and go straight to the legs. Many people, when they want to know how to lose leg fat, shun eating fatty foods and meat laden with fat.

Although this is not a bad thing in itself, it is meaningless if they continue to gorge themselves on carbohydrates. In fact, diet specialists who abide by the less-carbs law believe that to get rid of leg fat, or any other fat for that matter, eating carbohydrates is more damaging than consuming an equal amount of fat. However, it is a debate that rages on in the corridors of dietary science.

If you love bread, toast it first or switch to wheat bread. Eliminate sugar, cheese (except white cheese), fruits such as mango, bananas and grapes and cut down heavily on butter, rice, potatoes and high carbohydrate foods.

Also drink plenty of water: at least eight glasses a day and, if you love vegetables, eat as much as you can, at any time, except for carrots.

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