1. Solve the Global Hunger Puzzle

  2. Ready for the future?

  3. New member recruitement video

  4. Welcome Peggy!

  5. Shelly's welcome video

  6. Hunger and Gender: Spread the word!

  7. Amazing Cheese World!

  8. How to build a better (cheese) world

  9. THP is the ORG for ME! - FeelGood UW

  10. Why CHOICE? Greg Leininger, Northern Arizona University

  11. Why CHOICE? Shannon Kelliher, Boston Universtiy

  12. Causes of Hunger-Part 3: The Mental Structure

  13. Causes of Hunger-Part 2: The Social Structure

  14. Causes of Hunger-Part 1: Hunger's Symptoms

  15. Facts of Hunger: A FeelGood Journey

  16. Welcome to Feel WHAT?

  17. How to run a meeting

  18. FeelGood's Philosophy

  19. Ellen's Dance Dare: FeelGood Berkeley

  20. The Hunger Games: Give, Teach or...?

  21. Push It!

  22. Game of Transitions: FeelGood and the Golden Link

  23. Invest in us!

  24. From Chapter to Commmunity

  25. UVM TV Interview Oct 2011

  26. Why is it called FG?

  27. How to Run a Meeting: A FeelGood Solo Journey

  28. Food is a Biological Process.m4v

  29. Food Systems and the Role of Technology.m4v

  30. Through the Lens of Relationship

  31. Sustainable Food Systems and Global Poverty

  32. Start over with the Farm Bill

  33. Bio Technology: Owning the Right to Life

  34. Moving Beyond Boundaries

  35. The Most Destructive Activity

  36. Become a Food System Activist

  37. Addicted to Cheap Food

  38. A Grand Alliance for a Sustainable Food System

  39. Coming soon, The Big Cheese!

  40. Voices of FeelGood

  41. Peter Russell: Rediscovering Ourselves

  42. Duane Elgin-How are we doing as a human family?

  43. yOUR World

  44. Ending Hunger: A New Paradigm

  45. 2011 CGIU Session-Hunger and Obesity

  46. 2011 CGIU Session-Scarcity and Crisis

  47. 2011 CGIU Session-The Urban Planet

  48. Ubuntu-Clinton

  49. Matt Walsh--Short Version

  50. Get Connected: Matt Walsh, "Big Hollywood Celebrity" Talks to FeelGooders

  51. yOUR World

  52. CGIU 2011 Report

  53. Rachel and Jamie to rock the FG Haus!

  54. An end-of-year message from FeelGood's Executive Director

  55. Alex Kimura, WKU

  56. The Mental Structure

  57. Hunger's Social Context

  58. This beautiful latrine

  59. Ending Hunger: The Big Picture

  60. Welcome Sarah!

  61. Bill Drayton-Redefining "Success in Growing Up"

  62. Bill Drayton-Mastering Empathy

  63. Bill Drayton-The Role of Social Entrepreneurs

  64. Bill Drayton-Our Rapidly Changing World

  65. Understanding Hunger-Part 2-Depths and Symptoms

  66. Bill Drayton: Becoming Changemakers-Part 2

  67. Bill Drayton: Becoming Changemakers-Part 1

  68. Intro to CHOICE-Part 6: Measuring Results

  69. Intro to CHOICE-Part 5: The CHOICE Process Model

  70. Intro to CHOICE-Part 4: Building an Amazing Team

  71. Intro to CHOICE-Part 3: A New Approach

  72. Intro to CHOICE-Part 2: The Top-Down Aproach to Ending Hunger

  73. Intro to CHOICE-Part 1: A Lack of Choice

  74. Intro to THP Part 5-REv

  75. Intro to THP Part 3: A New Context for Ending Hunger

  76. Intro to THP Part 4-The Three Pillar Strategy

  77. Intro to THP Part 2-An Overview

  78. Intro to THP Part 1-Testimonials

  79. Understanding Hunger-Part 3: The Social Structure

  80. Understanding Hunger-Part 2: Hunger's Symptoms

  81. Understanding Hunger-Part 1: Seeing the Unseen

  82. Understanding Hunger-Part 4: The Mental Structure

  83. Hunger's Depths

  84. Ending Hunger: The BIG Picture

  85. FeelGood in 90 Seconds

  86. Intro to THP Part 6-Strategies in Different Countries

  87. Intro to THP Part 5-How it Looks in the Field

  88. Planet Pleasers: Why Go Green?

  89. Where is Away?

  90. Introduction to the VCA Process

  91. Characteristics of the Hungry (2)

  92. Exploration Exercise: Characteristics of People Living in Hunger

  93. I Feeeeeel Good!

  94. Paola's Story

  95. Voices of FeelGood

  96. Yashu Teng (Shu)-Beijing University

  97. Brian (Liu Bin)-Western Sunshine

  98. A Message to our Partners

  99. Why start a FeelGood Chapter? Nick-University of Pittsburgh