1. Politics Tonight: Talking Gun Control with Paul Lisnek

  2. Calling for Action Against Gun Violence

  3. Honoring the Victims of Newtown CT

  4. Floor statement discussing the harmful effects of the fiscal cliff on the environment

  5. Pledge of Allegiance

  6. Honoring Local First Chicago

  7. Floor statement recognizing Pits for Patriots

  8. Floor Statement Recognizing the Danny Did Foundation

  9. In the News: Giving Through Hockey

  10. CLTV: Quigley Discusses Gun Control

  11. Quigley: Commonsense Middle Ground Gun Reform Exists and to Discuss it is Now

  12. Quigley: Science Tells Us Global Warming is Real

  13. Quigley: Time to Cut Nearly $1B in Wasteful Defense Spending

  14. CNN Interview: Quigley Discusses Ban Against Gay Blood Donors

  15. Quigley Speaks Against Today's Contempt Vote

  16. CLTV Interview: Quigley Responds to SCOTUS Decision

  17. Quigley Talks Contempt Vote on CNN's John King USA

  18. Quigley Puts Environment Before Oil Company Profits

  19. Quigley Statement on H.R. 2273

  20. Quigley Statement in Fast and Furious Contempt Hearing

  21. Quigley Commemorates Pride Month 2012

  22. Rep. Quigley Calls PRENDA a Disingenuous Bill

  23. Rep. Quigley Calls V-22 Osprey 'Dangerous Pork With Wings' [part 1]

  24. Rep. Quigley Calls V-22 Osprey 'Dangerous Pork With Wings' [part 2]

  25. Rep. Quigley Statement on NDAA Bill and Defense Spending

  26. Quigley Stands for LGBT Community in VAWA Reauthorization

  27. Quigley Opposes Defunding Efforts to Fight Gun Trafficking

  28. Quigley Calls for LGBT Inclusion in VAWA Reauthorization

  29. CLTV: Politics Tonight: Quigley discusses Taxpayer Receipt Reform

  30. WGN Chicago: News at Five: Mike Quigley Discusses Tax Receipts

  31. Quigley Stands Up for Commonsense Gun Control Reforms

  32. Quigley Honors Center on Halsted's 5th Anniversary

  33. Quigley Questions Treasury Sec. Geithner & Fed Chairman Bernanke

  34. Quigley Statement on U.S. Response to European Debt Crisis

  35. Quigley Addresses Rising Gas Prices & Dependency on Foreign Oil

  36. Quigley Shares Constituent Stories on Contraception

  37. Quigley Knew He Was a Chicagoan When . . .

  38. Quigley's Taxpayer Receipt Amendment

  39. Quigley Supports Access to Women's Health Care

  40. Quigley Speaks in Recognition of Lin Brehmer and WXRT Anniversary

  41. Project Shield wasted $45 Million in Taxpayer Funding

  42. Quigley Participates in Red Cross' Holiday Mail for Heroes Program

  43. Quigley Speaks in Support of the Iran Threat Reduction Act

  44. Quigley Shares IL Gay Marriage Testimony

  45. Quigley Honors Cubs Icon Ron Santo's Vote into Baseball HoF

  46. Quigley Speaks in Remembrance of Maggie Daley

  47. Quigley Speaks Out Against the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act

  48. Quigley Speaks in Honor of Marine Lance Corporal Nickolas Daniels

  49. Quigley Speaks about Defense Cuts on MSNBC

  50. Quigley Speaks Out Against a Nuclear Iran

  51. Quigley Calls for Increased Investment in International Family Planning

  52. Quigley Interviews Secretary Napolitano

  53. Quigley Honors Gay Vet Lee Reinhart

  54. Quigley Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence in Recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  55. Quigley administers oath for gay vet's re-enlistment after end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

  56. Quigley Speaks Out Against the "Let Women Die Act"

  57. Quigley Supports NHL's Hockey Fights Cancer Day

  58. Quigley: We have to end our military presence in Afghanistan now.

  59. Quigley Introduces Amendment on EPA Regulations and Emissions

  60. Quigley urges end to U.S. military presence in Afghanistan

  61. Representative Quigley Urges Israeli/Palestinian Direct Talks

  62. Representative Quigley Celebrates the End of Discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Policy

  63. Representative Quigley Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence

  64. Quigley: Let's take John Adams' advice for "decency and respect" in Congress

  65. Quigley: Lincoln's Warning Stands Today

  66. Rep. Quigley calls on wisdom of Lincoln: "We... will be remembered in spite of ourselves"

  67. Quigley: The Myth of President Reagan Hurting Debt Talks

  68. "Denial" isn't just a river in Egypt, it's also our gun policy

  69. Mike Speaks Out Against the 'Dirty Water Act'

  70. Mike urges Congress to cut tax breaks for yacht owners

  71. Mike Celebrates LGBT Pride Month

  72. Congress is More Concerned with Protecting the Gun Lobby than Americans

  73. Rachel Maddow Backs Mike's Failed Amendment to Prevent Terrorists from Buying Guns

  74. Mike Highlights Great Work of Chicago House on House Floor

  75. Iran remains the Middle East's Biggest Threat

  76. Mike leads a series of speeches on the House floor opposing the anti-choice bill H.R. 3

  77. Mike Explains How Conservation, Alternative Energy are Better Ways to Lower Gas Prices

  78. Mike's Q&A with Attorney General Eric Holder

  79. Quigley Speaks on the Pitfalls of Constitutional Fundamentalism

  80. A World With Less Pollution Will Cost Far Less in Dollars and Deaths than the Opposite

  81. Mike stands against the most extreme anti-choice bill ever in the House

  82. The Cost of the Dirty Air Act is Human Lives

  83. Mike Stands Up Against the Dirty Air Act

  84. Mike Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on the Positive Impact of Hockey

  85. Mike Stands Up for Title X

  86. Mike: Budget Cuts Must Include Defense

  87. Rep. Quigley: Hockey is for Everyone

  88. Mike gives his opening statement as Ranking Member of Oversight Subcommittee

  89. Mike Defends the EPA and its Life-saving Mission

  90. Mike Speak Out Against the Anti-Choice H.R. 3

  91. Mike Lays Out His Agenda for Gun Safety with John Meacham of PBS

  92. Mike Talks Common-Sense Gun Control on MSNBC

  93. Mike speaks out against the wasteful and unnecessary second F-35 engine

  94. Mike Continues to Lead the Effort to Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

  95. Mike Applauds JNF and American Efforts After Devastating Israeli Forest Fires

  96. Mike urges his colleagues to support America's children and the DREAM Act

  97. Mike Remembers Cubs Great Ron Santo

  98. Forty Years after Clean Air Act, Mike Says Frogs Show Us We Need a New National Energy Policy

  99. Rep. Quigley urges the Senate to pass the New START agreement