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Forever Summer- Episode 7 [Part 1]

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Uploaded on Feb 16, 2009

[[This episode was so magnificent ((and long)) it had to be put into two parts. Can you guys please comment on both parts., before you read on to part two comment part 1! ]]


Selena: Shut up. He didnt say anything because he likes you. Now come on. We are meeting the Jonas Brothers tomorrow! You cant sit there and tell me you're not excited.

Demi: Yeah, it is pretty lucky.

Selena: *smiles* Try fate. All that day-dreaming paid off.

Demi: *Embarrassed* Stop. He's just going to be my guyfriend

Selena: Come-on. If were meeting your *air quotes* 'manfriend' tomorrow, we better pick out our outfits! *Pulls Demi off the couch by her arm and runs to her room*


*Saturday, the day of Chili's. Demi and Selena arrive at the restaurant at exactly 5:30. Kevin, Nick, and Joe are already there waiting (in their own section, because fans were being a little too aggressive). Even though they all know each others names, the boys still get up and introduce themselves.
After about an hour of eating and planning...*

Selena: *Leaning with her hand on her face, the bored pose*

Nick: *notices Selena's boredness* Hey, are you okay?

Selena: *Snaps out of it* Oh, I'm fine.

Nick: What is it?

Selena: It's nothing. It's just I have this friend. He's sick and I feel bad for not visiting him.

Nick: You can go if you need to.

Kevin: Yeah, it'll be fine.

Selena: *Looks at Demi*

Demi: Go. I'll be fine.

Selena: Thanks. I'll be right back.

Demi: Take my car

Selena: It's okay. I can walk.

Joe: *After she leaves* You sure she wont get mobbed by fans?

Demi: Her show hasn't aired yet. She's fine.

Nick: Um, so who's her friend she's going to see.

Demi: *Finishes taking a sip of her drink* It's her boyfriend, David Henrie. They work on the show together.

Nick: *swallows hard* H-her boyfriend?

Demi: Mhmm. *Totally oblivious, paying more attention to Joe. Wondering how he gets his hair so shiny, and if that is his real eye color:P*

Nick: O-oh. *Looks down at the napkin in his lap*

Kevin: *Not so oblivious, nudges Nick, gives him a silent 'sorry'*

Nick: *shrugs*


Selena: *Walks up to David's house and noticed a Mercedes in the driveway* Nice. When did he get that?

*She walks up to the door and is about to knock when it flies open. A pretty blonde girl about Selena's age comes storming out, putting her jacket on and holding something pink in her hand*

Selena: Who are you?

Girl: I'm Kelley. And these must be yours! *throws the pink item at Selena's face* I'm so done with TV stars *gets in the Mercedes and peels out of the driveway*

Selena: *Looks at what's in her hand. Grinds her teeth and goes inside David's house*

David: *Comes running down the stairs, shirtless and buttoning his pants* Kelleeee-*looks up* hey babe. Wh-what are you doing here? *Goes to kiss her*

Selena: *Pulls away* Oh. I was just checking up on you. Seeing how you're feeling. *Angry* But by the looks of this *hold up the pink underwear* it seems like you're feeling just fine.

David: *Looks around* Great! You found 'em. You left those here the first time you came over.

Selena: Yeah, they found me! Right out of 'Kelley's' hands!

Daivd: I-

Selena: I c a n 't b e l i e v e y o u.

David: Babe, let me explain. *Touches her arm*

Selena: *Practically jumps backwards* We're done. *Turns around and walks, calmly, but angrily out the door*

David: Selena, honey, come on, don't be like this.

Selena: *Stops. Closes her eyes. Keeps walking*


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