1. LLamamiento urgente para Siria.

  2. Appel éclair pour la Syrie

  3. ENOUGH. Syria Crisis Appeal

  4. ENOUGH. Syria Crisis PSA

  5. シリア人道危機:避難民となった家族は語る

  6. كفى: نداء من كبار مسئولي الأمم المتحدة لإنهاء النزاع في سوريا

  7. シリア人道危機:国連機関リーダー達からひとつのメッセージ

  8. Syria Crisis Appeal

  9. 2013年 今こそスーダンに人道支援を

  10. Syria: Displaced Families Speak

  11. UN appeals for $1.5 billion to provide aid to people affected by Syrian crisis

  12. Global Humanitarian Appeal Launch 2013

  13. United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund 2012

  14. Strengthening Resilience in Somalia

  15. UN Humanitarian Chief calls for Immediate Support in Myanmar

  16. Rakhine Response Plan 2012

  17. Revised Rakhine Response Plan 2012

  18. Press Conference: UN calls for more funding for Haiti in the aftermath of Sandy

  19. Syria Humanitarian Forum

  20. OCHA Operations Director John Ging in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

  21. Lesotho's Food Crisis

  22. Promoting Disaster Resilience in the Sahel Region of West Africa

  23. UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos on humanitarian concerns and the General Assembly

  24. OCHA Operations Director on Syria

  25. Humanitarian Coordinator Michael Keating on Afghanistan

  26. Behind the Scenes: 2012 World Humanitarian Campaign

  27. USG/ERC Press Conference in Syria

  28. Valerie Amos & Beyoncé on World Humanitarian Day 2012

  29. USG/ERC in An Nabk, north of Damascus

  30. ERC Valerie Amos in Syria

  31. USG/ERC visits North Kivu, Eastern DRC

  32. USG/ERC Interview with BBC Newsnight - 2 August 2012

  33. USG/ERC Interview with Al Jazeera English on Syria

  34. Somalia: One year after the famine declaration

  35. Interview with Regional Humanitarian Coordinator

  36. OCHA Operations Director on Syria

  37. Interview with Humanitarian Coordinator for Afghanistan Michael Keating

  38. Act Now

  39. ISDR Rio OCHA

  40. On the road with Catherine: Mogadishu, Somalia

  41. OCHA Operations Director on the Sahel

  42. USG/ ERC Valerie Amos - Mission to Syria - March 2012

  43. Empowering rural women: Oumou's Garden

  44. On the road with John Ging: Central African Republic

  45. On the road with John Ging: Central African Republic

  46. Valerie Amos & Helen Clark visit Niger 16-18 Feb 2012

  47. UNDP Chief Helen Clark visits Agadez

  48. CERF: Harvest after the floods in Colombia

  49. Valerie Amos and Helen Clark in Niger - Day 2 Film

  50. Malian Refugee in Niger

  51. On the road with Valerie: Tillabery, Niger

  52. On the road with Valerie: Niamey, Niger

  53. On the road with Valerie: Niamey, Niger

  54. On the road with Valerie: Molia Community Gardens, Niger

  55. Valerie Amos and Helen Clark in Niger: Day 1

  56. On the road with Valerie and Helen: Niamey, Niger

  57. ERC Valerie Amos and UNDP Administrator Helen Clark in Niger

  58. Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos in South Sudan

  59. Deputy humanitarian chief visits Côte d'Ivoire

  60. 2012 Afghanistan CAP Launch

  61. Aid agencies are providing food, water and shelter to 60,000 people in South Sudan

  62. Haiti - Two Years On

  63. OCHA 20th Anniversary

  64. 2011 CERF FILM

  65. Elisabeth Rasmussen from the Norwegian Refugee Council speaks on OCHA's 20th Anniversary

  66. CERF stories - Turkana, Kenya

  67. Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos launches the 2012 Consolidated Appeal Process in Geneva

  68. Dominic MacSorley from Concern Worldwide speaks on the 20th Anniversary of OCHA

  69. Former USG for Humanitarian Affairs Jan Eliasson speaks on OCHA's 20th Anniversary

  70. Philippines - Humanitarian Appeal Film

  71. UN Secretary-General views flood-affected areas of Bangkok

  72. ASG Catherine Bragg mission to Nicaragua and El Salvador

  73. NORTH KOREA - In Country Film

  74. Salman Ahmad - Horn of Africa Appeal

  75. Horn of Africa Appeal

  76. Pakistan Floods - One Year On - Valerie Amos Video Message

  77. OCHA in 2011

  78. Chester Bennington - Message of solidarity to the People of Japan

  79. Charlize Theron - Message of solidarity to the People of Japan

  80. A Message of Solidarity to the People of Japan

  81. From the Egyptian/Libyan border....

  82. Valerie Amos - Message from the Tunisian/Libyan Border

  83. Lives of the Internally Displaced in DR Congo

  84. International Womens' Day in DR Congo

  85. Central Emergency Response Fund - 5 Year Anniversary Message

  86. 43 Countries in 9 weeks - World Humanitarian Day 2010

  87. USG Valerie Amos in Somalia

  88. Haiti - One Year Memorial film

  89. 2011 Humanitarian Appeal Launch

  90. 2011 Global CAP Film

  91. Valerie Amos - message from Haiti

  92. Pakistan Film

  93. Message on Pakistan from USG Valerie Amos

  94. Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs visits Pakistan

  95. Valerie Amos - Message From Pakistan

  96. World Humanitarian Day - Broadcast PSA 30

  97. 2010 World Humanitarian Day PSA - SPANISH

  98. 2010 World Humanitarian Day - Secretary-General Video Message

  99. 2010 World Humanitarian Day PSA - FRENCH