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20080312 New York Governor Eliot "Mr Clean" Spitzer resigns

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Uploaded on Mar 17, 2008

Just last week, just when you were about to get your nerve up to watch or read the news, the story broke that (now former) New York governor Eliot Spitzer -- "The gov-love client number 9" - had violated his marriage vows and broken a number of laws by having an extra-marital affair with an "aspiring singer."

All right, you follow the news. You know the story. This is a family oriented YouTube account...

As the news continued to unfold, it started to read like a bad plot for a "B" movie or a harlequin novel. In New York, even Governor Spitzer's more ardent enemies were in disbelief when the story broke and passed off the initial reports as a bad practical joke.

For those of us who simply dread winter, spring can't come soon enough. For those of us who are old enough to understand that good times and bad times are cyclical; perhaps some sunshine, spring flowers, the end of the current Maryland General Assembly session, and some resolution on the many pressing challenges facing our local, and national government will brighten our outlook.

Of course, recently a study was released that folks with a positive outlook live longer and healthier lives, so the other day I endeavored to adopt a "cheer up, things could be worse attitude."

I cheered up and sure enough -- things got worse...

Locally, county and municipalities are grappling with how to fund all the goods and services of which local citizens are demanding with the reality that tax revenues are declining.

Revenues for local government are declining as the cost to operate government continues to escalate and it is starting to sink-in that the Maryland legislature increased taxes last fall yet cut back on the amount of money flowing into the coffers of local government.

Juxtapose this with the fact that Governor Spitzer, a multi-billionaire, threw away as much as $80,000 on his extra-curricular activities. Just think of how much a difference that kind of money would've made in our local community?

Governor Spitzer mercifully resigned on March 12 and ended a sensational 48 hours of salacious melodrama of position, power, greed, and human failings. It has probably ended the career that was considered so bright that his name was being bantered about as a 2012 or 2016 presidential candidate.

There are many lessons to be learned by this sad, sordid saga.

Kevin Dayhoff writes from Westminster Maryland USA.
E-mail him at: kdayhoff AT carr.org or kevindayhoff AT gmail.com
His columns and articles appear in The Tentacle - www.thetentacle.com; Westminster Eagle Opinion; www.thewestminstereagle.com, Winchester Report and The Sunday Carroll Eagle -- in the Sunday Carroll County section of the Baltimore Sun. Get Westminster Eagle RSS Feed

"When I stop working the rest of the day is posthumous. I'm only really alive when I'm writing." Tennessee Williams

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