1. Hi Reddit!

  2. Gorilla's favorite Joke

  3. Why does Mario hate ABBA?

  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anatomy

  5. Ducks and Horses.

  6. Mario's Beard

  7. Who would win in a dance-off?

  8. Might and Magic

  9. Bunnys and Cats

  10. Tell Moon I love her.

  11. Gorilla University

  12. The Picture in the Background

  13. How did Mario and Fafa meet?

  14. Where are the women?

  15. A question for the video makers

  16. Someone else controlling Mario's body.

  17. Dear Jack Woods...

  18. Sliding down a mountain...

  19. Do you know the way to San Jose?

  20. If you could visit any place...

  21. Thor's love advice

  22. Why is Fafa always naked?

  23. What does Zombie eat?

  24. Zombie before he was Zombie.

  25. Cats and their hairballs.

  26. Are your videos scripted?

  27. Is Mario related to Elmo?

  28. Out of work Zombie.

  29. What is Mario?

  30. Why is the show called Glove and Boots?

  31. Any new characters?

  32. Terry Crews

  33. Jack Woods - Birthday Present!

  34. What is your take on Parmesan Cheese?

  35. More Let's Play videos?

  36. Mario's favorite video game

  37. Fafa and his time traveling counterparts.

  38. If Fafa were President of these United States.

  39. Historical water noodle battle.

  40. Gorilla's Politics

  41. Having a fist up your rear end

  42. Making it in the puppet biz..

  43. Three Wishes

  44. What is Stewart?

  45. If Fafa could only eat one thing...

  46. What Santa thinks of Texas.

  47. Fafa's cure for a sad day.

  48. Cow Hat

  49. A Different Angle

  50. Thor on the Presidential Election.

  51. Equipment/technology for the blog.

  52. Merchandise

  53. thank you, reddit!

  54. Glove and Boots - Mega Monster Reddit AMA