1. How to Achieve BIG Goals!

  2. Chasing Symptoms: The HIDDEN Truth!

  3. Why Resolutions Fail.

  4. Speed Reading Tips: How to Read Faster and Retain More Info!

  5. Did Our Ancestors Eat Starch?

  6. Can a Woman Get Too Ripped?

  7. What is the PCOS Link to Leptin, Insulin, and Fat Stores?

  8. The Truth About Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

  9. Culprits of Leaky Gut

  10. Juicing Vegetables: Healthy or Hype?

  11. Real Food Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Cookies!

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  13. Nutrition Made Simple!

  14. Why Avocados Totally Rock!

  15. Can Bone Broth Consumption Reduce Your Protein Needs?

  16. How to Become a Person of Influence w/ Elliott Hulse

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  19. The Art of Mindful Eating

  20. Is Water Birthing Safe?

  21. Is Depression Really Caused by Low Serotonin?

  22. How to Overcome Information Overload

  23. Are You a Mindless Eater?

  24. Alcohol, Caffeine, and Your Gene Profile

  25. Correcting Deficiencies with Fish Oil

  26. The Emotional Side of Stretching

  27. Does Fasting Disrupt Your Sleep?

  28. How to Eat for Thyroid Health!

  29. How to Change the Food System w/ Joel Salatin and Paul Chek

  30. How Safe is Raw Milk? w/ Mark McAfee

  31. Breaking the Supermarket Addiction with Joel Salatin

  32. Build Muscle and Lose Fat with Eccentric Training!!!

  33. FFD Workout: The Memorial Day Mash

  34. Is Abstinence Necessary for Food Addiction?

  35. Are You a Victim of Your Mind?

  36. Are We Not Exercising Enough?

  37. Is There a Link Between Infant Formula and Autism?

  38. Have We Adapted to Eating Meat?

  39. Fighting the Resistance in Health and Fat Loss

  40. How to Balance the Brain without Drugs!

  41. How to Build a Better Brain w/ Dr. Terry Wahls

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  44. Can Skin Outbreaks Be Caused by Poor Digestion?

  45. Input Control: Garbage In, Garbage Out!

  46. The Magnesium - Protandim Connection w/ Morley Robbins

  47. Does Sugar Consumption Deplete Magnesium? (w/ Morley Robbins)

  48. What Causes Leaky Gut?

  49. The Red Meat Scare: Get The Truth!

  50. Is COLD the Key to Fat Loss and Longevity?

  51. What Would You DO If You Weren't Afraid?

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  53. Compulsive Overeating: Is It All in Your Head?

  54. Impulsive Overeating: Is It All in Your Head?

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  56. Does the HCG Diet Work?

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  60. Got Colostrum? Why Your Immune System Needs Breast Milk!

  61. Hang Tight! Reducing Stress....

  62. I Need YOUR Help!!

  63. How to Reach Your 2012 New Year's (Health) Resolutions!

  64. The Year in UW Bloopers!

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  66. UW TV: Toxins in the Water!

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  68. Are We Misled and Misfed?

  69. Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity with Dr. Tom O'Bryan

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  80. The 100 Room Mansion of Possibility

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  83. Gut Bacteria is GOOD for You!

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  85. Do You Have a Fear of Success?

  86. Sugar Addiction: The Gremlin in Your Head

  87. FFD Workout - Exercise and Fat Loss in the Real World!

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  93. The Milk-Gluten Connection (DIM Part 3)

  94. How to Fix Insulin Resistance!

  95. Devil in the Milk (part 2)

  96. Devil in the Milk (part 1)

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