1. Catalinbread Royal Albert Hall Guitar Pedal

  2. FuzzHugger(fx) Algal Bloom Guitar Pedal

  3. Skreddy Screw Driver Mini Deluxe Pedal

  4. Bogner Ecstacy Red Overdrive/Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

  5. Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian Guitar Pedal

  6. The Mad Professor Electric Blue Chorus

  7. Menatone Howie Guitar Pedal

  8. Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion Guitar Pedal

  9. Lovepedal Super Six Guitar Overdrive Pedal

  10. Menatone None More Black Guitar Pedal

  11. BearFoot Mint Green Mini Vibe Guitar Pedal

  12. Wampler SLOstortion Guitar Pedal

  13. The Catalinbread Callisto Chorus/Vibrato Pedal

  14. Greenhouse Effects Stonefish Chorus

  15. Fulltone Secret Freq. Overdrive Pedal

  16. Rotosound's legendary Vintage Fuzz pedal.

  17. Wampler Faux Tape Echo Pedal

  18. Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Fuzz

  19. Barber Electronics Custom Cool Overdrive

  20. Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe

  21. Catalinbread Octapussy Guitar Pedal

  22. Lovepedal Believe Octave Guitar Pedal

  23. Providence Anadime Chorus

  24. moogfooger MF-107 FreqBox

  25. Mojo Hand FX Recoil Delay

  26. Mad Professor Snow White Auto Wah

  27. Perfect Square Electronics Hyperslicer

  28. Subdecay Spring Theory

  29. Cochrane Timmy Guitar Pedal

  30. Pigtronix FAT Drive

  31. Zvex Vexter Fuzz Probe Guitar Pedal

  32. Soundblox Guitar Envelope Filter

  33. Retro Sonic Analog Delay

  34. Electro Harmonix Neo Mistress Guitar Pedal

  35. Wampler Pedals SLOstrotion Pedal

  36. Mojo Hand FX Colossus Fuzz Pedal

  37. Neo Instruments Ventilator FX Pedal

  38. Mojo Hand Fx Sugar Baby Tremolo Pedal

  39. Electro Harmonix PolyChorus Pedal

  40. Jack Deville Electronics Mod Zero Pedal

  41. Dr Scientist The Elements Pedal

  42. T-Rex Room-Mate Reverb Pedal

  43. T-Rex Reptile Delay Pedal

  44. Menatone Workingmans Blue Overdrive Pedal

  45. Caroline Guitar Company OLYMPIA Fuzz guitar pedal

  46. Caroline Guitar Company ICARUS Boost

  47. Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar

  48. Tech 21 Boost Chorus

  49. MXR Phase 90 "74 Script Logo

  50. VFE Pedals Blueprint Delay

  51. Mooger Fooger Cluster Flux M108 Pedal

  52. Weehbo Morbid Drive

  53. Dr Scientist Tremolessence

  54. Mid-Fi Electronics Pitch Pirate

  55. Penfar FX Conunudrum Guitar Pedal

  56. Weehbo Effects Mastiff Guitar Distortion

  57. EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

  58. VFE Pedals Alpha Dog Guitar Pedal

  59. Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander Guitar Pedal

  60. OKKO Dominator High Gain Distortion

  61. VFE Pedals Fiery Red Horse Guitar Pedal

  62. Fulltone Soul-Bender

  63. Keeley Fuzz Head Guitar Pedal

  64. Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator

  65. Malekko Omicron Series analog Vibrato pedal.

  66. Wampler Ecstacy Overdrive Pedal

  67. SubDecay Octasynth

  68. Boss PS-6 Harmonist Guitar Pedal

  69. Zvex Distortron Guitar Pedal

  70. Keeley Electronics 6 Stage Phaser Pedal

  71. Rockbox Electronics Red Dog Overdrive

  72. New Orleans JB14 Semi Hollow Guitar

  73. Nash '52 Butterscotch Tele Guitar

  74. Fulltone Robin Trower Overdrive

  75. Catalinbread CB30 Overdrive Pedal

  76. Wattson Classic Fuzz FY-2

  77. Weehboo JCM Drive

  78. Tech 21 Roto Choir Guitar Pedal

  79. Electro Harmonix Stereo Talking Machine

  80. Fulltone '69 Mk II Fuzz Pedal

  81. Menatone Top Boost in a Can Guitar Pedal

  82. Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion

  83. New Orleans Guitar Company Voodoo Custom

  84. Nash Aged Les Paul Guitar

  85. Rockbox Boiling Point Overdrive Guitar Pedal

  86. MXR Custom Badass '78 Distortion

  87. MXR Analog Chorus Guitar Pedal

  88. Menatone King of the Britains

  89. SubDecay Quasar DLX Phase Shifter

  90. Spaceman Mercury Harmonic Booster Guitar pedal

  91. Wampler Leviathan Fuzz Pedal

  92. Dvk Silvertop Vibe Overdrive Pedal

  93. Menatone Wreck't Overdrive

  94. Empress Multidrive guitar pedal

  95. Providence Stampede Overdrive SOV-2

  96. Spaceman Effects Spacerocket Fuzz Pedal

  97. TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

  98. Dvk Goldtop Vibe and Fuzz Pedal

  99. DLS Effects Chorus Waves