1. L_weidemeyeri_hibernacula_Choke-Cherry.webm

  2. BYU_vs_Texas_Pregame Weather

  3. Western Tiger Swallowtails Nectaring

  4. White Lined Sphinx Moth Nectars on Thislte

  5. Tips on Finding Red Spotted Purple Hibernating Caterpillars

  6. Raising Crescent Spot Caterpillars Using the Twin Bucket Technique

  7. How to Assemble a Bioquip Outernet Butterfly Net

  8. Tips on finding Lorquin's Admiral Hibernacula

  9. Baird's Swallowtails Nectaring at Buckhorn Wash; Emery County, Utah

  10. Milbert's Tortoiseshell Caterpillars on Stinging Nettle

  11. Raising Red Admiral Caterpillars

  12. Finding Red Admiral Caterpillars on Nettles

  13. Indra swallowtails at Leatham Hollow

  14. Finding Least Tropical Skipperling Caterpillars

  15. RSL 3 Cruz Azul 1

  16. Raising Red Spotted Purple Caterpillars

  17. Finding Bordered Patch Butterfly Caterpillars

  18. Finding Ants that Congregate and Tend Lycaenid Caterpillars

  19. Finding indra and anise swallowtail larvae

  20. Male viceroy emerges from its chrysalis

  21. What to do when a swallowtail is ready to make a chrysalis?

  22. Raising Caterpillars Using the Twin cup method Part II

  23. Raising Caterpillars using the Twin Cup Method Part I

  24. Braconid wasp parasitizes indra swallowtail caterpillar

  25. Raising indra swallowtail caterpillars using multiple techniques

  26. Rearing P. indra last instar caterpillars using the Closed Container Technique

  27. Moving Smaller Caterpillars

  28. Indra swallowtail female lays an egg

  29. Raising Garita Skipperling Caterpillars

  30. Nick Grishin collects a duskywing male

  31. Beating bushes for Lycaenid Caterpillars

  32. Three methods of Raising Post-Diapause Checkerspot Larvae

  33. Finding Painted Lady Caterpillars on Thistles

  34. Finding milbert's tortoiseshell and satyr comma caterpillars on Stinging Nettle

  35. Female Viceroy Lays Eggs.

  36. Overwintering Techniques: Pillow Method

  37. Buckeye female lays eggs on plantain

  38. When is a caterpillar set to molt and why is that important?

  39. Parnassius smintheus female lays an egg on a ROCK!

  40. Margined White Female Lays Eggs in Portable Cage

  41. Finding Red Admiral Caterpillars

  42. Finding Yuma Skipper larval nests on Phragmites

  43. Raising Late Instar Speyeria larvae with an Open Terrarium

  44. Getting eggs out of Euphilotes ancilla females

  45. Raising Magdalena Alpine Caterpillars

  46. Texas Viceroy Female Lays Eggs on Willows

  47. Forcing Speyeria Larvae out of Diapause

  48. Finding caterpillars on isolated host plants

  49. Using netted sleeves to raise gregarious caterpillars outdoors

  50. Getting eggs out of hackberry butterfly females

  51. Finding Dun Skipper Pupal Nests

  52. Finding Dun Skipper Larvae in Texas

  53. Setting up Poanes taxiles hatchling larvae on wide-bladed grasses

  54. Similarities between Weidemeyer's Admirals and Viceroy caterpillars

  55. The elusive indra swallowtail butterfly

  56. How to find Monarch Caterpillars in Utah

  57. Emma Shares Butterflies