1. Joe Biden Cackles During VP Debate

  2. Biden: "Bunch Of Stuff" (What Does That Mean?)

  3. Biden: We Did Not Know They Wanted More Security.

  4. Ex-Embassy Security Officer In Libya: "The Taliban Is On The Inside Of The Building" At State Dept

  5. State Department: Budget Had Nothing To Do With Security Decisions At Benghazi

  6. Libya Embassy Security Officer -Obama's Plan For Libya: "Hope That Everything Would Get Better"

  7. WH Asked, Given Facts, Why Has Obama Admin Told Public Repeatedly Libya Was Spontaneous Attack?

  8. Former Libya Site Security Team Commander: Al-Qaeda "More Established Than We Are" In Libya

  9. White House Asked Isn't Obama The One Who Shot First, Aimed Later on Libya?

  10. WH Asked Why Obama Admin Said Benghazi Wasn't Terrorism For So Many Days?

  11. Joe Biden: "Yes We Do" Want to Raise Taxes By a Trillion Dollars

  12. Obama In Denver, CO: "Export More Jobs"

  13. Obama Gets Testy With Moderator

  14. Obama Sighs During Debate

  15. Mitt Romney: There Is Absolutely A Clear Choice On Medicare

  16. Clinton: People Would Love It If Incomes Weren't Falling As They Are Today

  17. Joe Biden: Middle Class "Buried The Last FOUR Years" (Under Obama)

  18. Carney Asked Why Obama Has Zero Meetings At UN This Year, After 13 Last Year

  19. Question to Carney: Is WH Concerned Bilateral Meetings Would Highlight Foreign Policy Problems

  20. Obama: We Want Change in Washington (Remember I'm President)

  21. At Univision Forum, Obama Grilled on Fast and Furious

  22. Jorge Ramos: I Don't Want This To Get Lost in Translation That You Broke Immigration Promise

  23. Maria Elena Salinas: You Offered Many Excuses For Broken Immigration Promise

  24. Obama: I've Learned You Can't Change Washington From The Inside

  25. Obama at Univision Forum: The Economy Has Been Tough For the Last Four Years

  26. White House Prevented IG From Pursuing Lead In "Fast and Furious"

  27. IG: DOJ Official Failed To Notify AG About "Fast And Furious"

  28. Holder Still Doesn't Believe He Should Have Been Notified About "Fast And Furious"

  29. IG: All DOJ Had To Do Was Read Documents To Know About "Gun Walking"

  30. DOJ IG Agrees That Holder Should Have Given Congress "Fast And Furious" Documents

  31. Carney Called Out For Column Criticizing Obama "Bitter" Comments

  32. Flashback 08: Carney Takes Obama to Task Over "Bitter" Comments

  33. Biden Quotes Official Communist Party News Agency

  34. Bernanke: Unemployment Fall 100% Due to Participation Decline

  35. Bernanke: Unemployment Rate Dropping Because Workers Giving Up

  36. Biden Confuses Which University He Is At

  37. Carney: Obama Was Committed to Negotiations By Playing Golf and Sitting on a Patio

  38. WH: Obama Has No Stated Position On Chicago Teacher Strike

  39. Obama Spends Morning Debating Nicki Minaj on Pop Radio Station

  40. Obama: We Are Better Off After 4 Years

  41. On Eve Of Convention In Right-To-Work NC, Obama Attacks Right-To-Work Laws

  42. VP Joe Biden Forced To Address Better Off Question On Stump

  43. White House Dodges On Why Incomes Are Down Under Obama

  44. Obama Surrogate Tim Kaine Makes The Case For Electing Mitt Romney

  45. Obama: We Aren't Where We Need to Be

  46. WVIR NBC: UVA Declines Obama Speaking Request

  47. WH Dodges Question About NYT Report Detailing Ties To Utility Company

  48. Tapper: Why Do You Call It All Of The Above When It Isn't?

  49. Carney Dodges On Why Obama Talked More About Michael Jordan Than CBO Report

  50. Biden: The Middle Class Is Coming Back

  51. Obama Dodges Telling The Truth On TRICARE Fee Increases

  52. Question To WH: Why Haven't We Heard From The President?

  53. Question To Carney: Where's The President's Plan On Medicare?

  54. White House To Douglas Wilder: He Doesn't Have A Point

  55. White House Asked If Biden Still On Ticket

  56. Carney Asked How Citing Romney Dog Is Part Of Lifting Up Dialogue

  57. White House Refuses To Condemn Outrageous Ad And Biden Remarks

  58. Obama: 5 Trillion Dollars Is A Lot of Money, Even For Washington

  59. Campaigning in VA, Joe Biden Says "We Can Win North Carolina"

  60. FLASHBACK: In May 2012, Carney Was Calling On Republicans To Denounce Super PAC Ads

  61. White House Is Inconsistent And Inaccurate On Super PACs

  62. White House Can't Answer What Happened To The Hope And Change Of 2008?

  63. WH Press Secretary Dodges And Ducks Questions On Obama Super PAC

  64. Obama: Let's Repeat Auto Bailout With Every Industry

  65. Unwilling To Criticize Own Super PAC, Obama Decries Ones On Other Side "Going Crazy"

  66. FLASHBACK: Obama: I'm the President And I Take Responsibility

  67. FLASHBACK: Obama's Failed Promise To Fix America's Energy Crisis

  68. FLASHBACK: Carney In 2011: "All Of Our Work Is Conducted On Work Email Accounts"

  69. White House Asked Isn't Obama Responsible For Dysfunction In Washington

  70. White House Unaware Obama Wants To Close Down Ohio Air Base He Will Land At Tomorrow

  71. FLASHBACK -- Then-Sen. Obama Called Negative Ads "Game Playing"

  72. FLASHBACK: Obama in 2009 Said You Have to Have Economic Growth to Have Job Growth

  73. Sen. Obama's Broken Promise On Fiscal Responsibility

  74. WH Question: What Would State Senator Obama Think Of Obama Campaign?

  75. For 3 Minutes, WH Press Secretary Won't Deny WH Was Involved In Leaks

  76. Admiral McRaven on Leaks: "Sooner or Later It's Going to Cost People Their Lives"

  77. Obama: "We Tried Our Plan -- And It Worked."

  78. Secretary of Treasury: "Economy Is Not Growing Fast Enough. Unemployment Is Very High."

  79. Democrat Senator: Obama White House Behind National Security Leaks

  80. Obama Says He'll Spend Every Minute Fighting For You

  81. Jay Carney Says Obama "Has Got a Lot On His Plate" on Why He Hasn't Met With the Jobs Council

  82. FLASHBACK: Obama: "This Has Not Been A Show Council"

  83. Democrat Congressman: "We're In A Capitalist System Whether You Like It Or Not."

  84. President Obama Fails To Live Up To His Own 2008 Standards

  85. DOE Official Refuses to Comment on President's Disingenuous Use Of Job Creation

  86. DOE Official Doesn't Know of Jobs Created in China from Stimulus, but Admits to Chinese Suppliers

  87. Flashback: Obama In 1999: I Do Not Support The Clinton Welfare Reform

  88. Dept. Of Energy Official Can't Answer Why Abound Solar Got Loan Despite Warnings

  89. Obama calls the Internet the "Internate"

  90. In Austin, TX, Obama Calls ObamaCare A "Tax" Again

  91. Fed Chair Bernanke: Failure To Address Fiscal Cliff Will Lead To "Shallow Recession"

  92. Fed Chair Bernanke: Decline In Unemployment Rate Likely To Be "Frustratingly Slow"

  93. Obama: Sometimes I Do Boneheaded Things

  94. Obama: If You've Got A Business, You Didn't Build That

  95. Obama: "I'll try not to be too long-winded"

  96. DOE Official: Loan Program Wasn't About Job Creation

  97. Carney: Stimulus "Widely Recognized To Have Broken The Back Of The Recession"

  98. DOE Official thinks loan program that gave us Solyndra is "enormous success"

  99. Biden: "Children should be educated to the degree they are educable."