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  8. Support for Syrian refugees

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  11. Providing clean water and preventing disease for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

  12. Providing - and conserving - water for Syrian refugees in Jordan

  13. Sophie Blackall joins fight against measles

  14. Bringing healthcare to the community

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  16. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Solid foundation

  17. Washing hands for health

  18. New challenges for Syrian refugee children

  19. Community garden changes diets and lives

  20. Hand-washing and safe water save lives

  21. Healthy habits, healthy children

  22. Refugee camp provides home for child mothers

  23. "Let girls be girls, not brides"

  24. End child marriage

  25. Registering births protects children

  26. New school year brings free quality education to more

  27. For refugee children, school back in session

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  30. International support for refugee children

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  32. Champions of change

  33. Bringing healthcare to remote areas

  34. Batting for HIV awareness

  35. Door-to-door success in Bangladesh

  36. Football star Makoto Hasebe makes a pitch for children

  37. Protéger les droits des filles.

  38. Protecting girls' rights: UNICEF and the EU are committed to support ending harmful practices.

  39. High-level meeting on eradication of polio

  40. Generating widespread support to end malnutrition

  41. Raising awareness about explosive remnants of war

  42. Education First initiative launched

  43. Revolutionizing social mobilization, monitoring and response efforts

  44. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Which one is the criminal?

  45. Life-saving health supplies for women and children

  46. Commission focuses on life-saving commodities for women and children

  47. In Lebanon, Child Friendly Spaces provide a safe environment for Syrian refugee children

  48. Galvanizing social media for child survival

  49. Health 4+ partnership meets

  50. Bridging the community and the health system

  51. Making the workplace a family-friendly environment works for all

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  53. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Isolation

  54. Tennis champion Novak Djokovic visits kindergarten in Serbia

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  56. European Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva - The partnership in practice

  57. Debate on children and armed conflict

  58. UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake speaks at the Global Partnership for Disabilities

  59. During the nutrition crisis, the Niger benefits from lessons learned

  60. Ensuring Palestinian children the right to a quality education

  61. UNICEF Executive Board President John Ashe issues a plea to donors

  62. UNICEF Associate Director for Nutrition Werner Schultink addresses Executive Board

  63. Measures for monitoring spending

  64. Key lessons from the strategic framework

  65. Deputy Executive Director Yoka Brandt on the changing landscape of partnerships

  66. Juvenile justice in Afghanistan

  67. West and Central Africa Regional Director, a.i. Manuel Fontaine addresses the Executive Board

  68. Outreach programme in Malawi brings healthcare closer to home

  69. Sharp decline in under-5 mortality in the Niger

  70. Under 5 child mortality on significant decline

  71. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Make-up

  72. Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Director Bernt Aasen addresses the Executive Board

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  74. UNICEF Director of Programmes Nicholas Alipui addresses the Executive Board

  75. Global changes in humanitarian partnerships

  76. Partnerships and the lessons UNICEF has learned from recent emergencies

  77. Fight against child hunger number one global priority

  78. Burkina Faso - Des communautés plus fortes grâce à une meilleure nutrition

  79. Philippe Cori, Directeur d'UNICEF Bruxelles

  80. Cees Wittebrood, Chef de l'unité « Afrique orientale et australe » d'ECHO

  81. Johannes Luchner d'ECHO

  82. Claus Sorensen, Directeur général d'ECHO

  83. Véronique Arnault pour l'Union européenne

  84. Michelle Striffler, Députée européenne et Rapporteur permanent pour l'aide humanitaire

  85. Kristalina Georgieva, Commissaire européenne à l'aide humanitaire

  86. Le Directeur régional de l'UNICEF pour l'Asie du Sud, M. Dan Toole

  87. Le Directeur régional de l'UNICEF, M. Steve Allen

  88. M. Nicholas Alipui, Directeur des Programmes de l'UNICEF

  89. Le Chef de la section Nutrition de l'UNICEF

  90. Andris Piebalgs, Commissaire européen pour le développement

  91. UNICEF: oneminutesjr.- Ballast

  92. Floods strike the Niger

  93. Sanitation campaign in Indian village starts with women and youth

  94. Improving food security in Burkina Faso

  95. Tackling mother-to-child transmission of HIV - through drama

  96. Child malnutrition rates remain alarming in Chad

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  98. Nigeria battles a worsening malnutrition crisis

  99. Children associated with armed groups in the Central African Republic win back their lives