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Zhou Yongkang Irritating Mass Protests?

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Published on Jun 27, 2012

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Mass protests have frequently taken place in Guangdong
Province lately.
How Wang Yang, considered the next "Wen Jiabao,"
will tackle them has captured public attention.
According to analysts, Wang Yang was very open-minded
about the previous "Wukan Incident in Guangdong," but how far can these kind of reforms go?
When touching on the intrinsic problems of Chinese
Communist Party's (CCP) regime, can the reformers go any further?
Other analyses say that mass protests are now prevalent,
but they question whether the many taking place in Guangdong
during this period of time might be manipulated by Zhou Yongkang,
head of the Central Political and Legislative Committee (PLC). Here is more on the story.

Mass protests take place frequently in Guangdong lately.

On May 25, over 700 veterans in Guangzhou City petitioned
to the municipal government for assignment and compensation.
On the same day, over 2,000 villagers from Zuotan Village,
Foshan City, protested against two village party secretaries´ illicit sale of land.
On May 26, 3,000 villagers who live near Shantou City
walked over 10 kilometers to the Municipal Committee
Office to protest against local officials´ plundering land
compensation and local paper factories´ polluting water.

On June 25, in Shaxi Town, Zhongshan City, a teenager from
Chongqing had a conflict with another 13-year-old local pupil,
and was strapped up by a local guard for public display.
This irritated other rural workers from Sichuan Province.
Nearly 10 thousand people surrounded the municipal
government, and a conflict with over 1 thousand riot police and army ensued on the spot.
The situation was serious and many people were injured
and sent to the hospital. It is said that several people died.

During his Australia visit, Wang Yang, secretary
of Guangdong Party Committee, called "the next Wen Jiabao"
by Reuters, was thought to be a rising star in China´s politics,
and widely considered one of the reform leaders."

Last year, Wukan villagers in Guangdong held a mass protest.

They got removed the village committee and executed autonomy.
After several months´ protest, the authorities compromised.

Wang Yang claimed that he hopes Wukan can be a model
for "the improvement of village management in Guangdong."
However, Wu Jianguo, an Internet writer, questioned whether
the reformers can go further while touching on the interest of the party itself.

Wu Jianguo, an Internet writer: "The recent mass protests
in Guangdong might be opportunities for Wang Yang to realize a democratic election at grassroot level just like Wukan Village.
But the problem is how far this kind of reform can go.
The previous Wukan was just a tiny village.
But if the reform extends and touches on the party´s interest,
whether these reformers can go further becomes the major problem."

Zhang Jian, China expert residing in US, said that Chinese
people´ lives never change intrinsically under any official´s leadership.
It proves that the problem is the entire regime,
and cannot be solved by a single person.

Zhang Jian, China expert residing in US: "No matter how hard
you try, you cannot change the situation in China.
Maybe as a small local official you can benefit some people
with the limited power in your hand. But the benefit is based on CCP´s regime.
If people have any doubt about the regime or want to overturn
it, this benefit can turn into cruel suppression overnight."

The rural workers who protested in Zhongshan City,
Guangdong Province, are from Sichuan Province, where
Zhou Yongkang, current head of the Central PLC,
used to be Provincial Party secretary.
Historian Liu Yinquan suspects that a power behind the scenes
is manipulating these incidents.

Liu Yinquan: "For example, they can create conflicts
on purpose through the police or army.
The Rural Worker Incident in Sichuan, which I think
is contrived, is very similar to Li Wangyang´s murder in Hunan.
Hunan´s provincial Party secretary, Zhou Qiang, also belongs
to Hu Jintao´s Youth League Faction,
therefore the PLC created the Li Wangyang Incident and
pinned the crime on Zhou Qiang.
It is similar in Guangdong, where they can totally
intensify some conflicts on purpose."

Liu Yinquan also predicted that Zhou Yongkang would make
troubles for Hu Jintao during his visit to Hong Kong on July 1.






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