1. UN unable to offer justice to Iran

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  11. Italy introduces private high-speed train

  12. Iran approves free trade bill with Syria

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  14. Study: Chocolate may cut women's stroke risk

  15. Microdot printers used to make antibody test kits

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  17. Iran rejects US request to return spy drone

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  26. ICC elects a woman as new prosecutor

  27. Italian unions protest against PM's economic plans

  28. Criticism ramps up against Egypts' civil advisory council

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  30. Italian cat inherits $13mn from lonely owner

  31. Over 200 new species discovered in South Asian region

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  33. 'US feds attacking local Occupy groups'

  34. West hindering reforms in Syria

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  37. Iran, Namibia expanding mining, energy ties

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  47. Iranian wrestling team takes part in London Olympics test runs

  48. Italian women call for equal rights, dignity

  49. US unemployed veterans not optimistic about Obama jobs bill

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  51. US vacates Shamsi Airbase in Pakistan

  52. Israeli lobbies driving US politicians

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  61. South African President visits Nigeria

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  65. Argentine president sworn in to second term

  66. Iran appeals to UN on US downed spy drone

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  74. Paris hold summit on cancellation of 3rd world debt

  75. Serbia EU candidacy postponed

  76. EU leaders fail to reach Euro deal, UK isolated

  77. EU plans to cut aid to Latin America countries

  78. The Pope lights up the largest Christmas tree

  79. British Olympic athlete puts himself up for auction on eBay

  80. Thousands of pink flamingos flock to Mexican winter oasis

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  88. Malaysia PM to face lawsuit following controversial bill

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  91. Families, friends and neighbors chase away bad spirits in traditional ceremony

  92. Customers in China shop use 3D mirror to check out their looks

  93. Japanese affected by Fukushima nuclear disaster visit Germany to learn about renewable energy

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