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  1. Monarch Traction Elevator @ 1003 Church St Lynchburg VA POV

  2. Scenic Southern Traction Freight Elevator @ Powerhouse Georgia Pacific Big Island VA

  3. AWESOME antique otis traction elevator @ the Guggenheimer Lynchburg VA VINTAGE

  4. Awesome Antique Otis traction Elevator

  5. Antique Dominion Hydraulic elevator #2 @ Bedford Memorial Hospital Bedford VA death trap!

  6. Antique Dominion Traction Elevator #1 @ Bedford Memorial Hospital Bedford VA

  7. Antique Otis Elevator at the Boxley Building Roanoke VA Retake

  8. Otis traction elevator @ Ramada Inn Eau Claire WI

  9. Vintage 1967 Dover Hydraulic Elevator @ Blackburn Science Building Murray State University Murray KY

  10. Abell Elevator inspection fail and a ride on the 1967 Dover @ Blackburn Science Murray State

  11. Antique Otis Traction elevator @ Business Building Murray State University Murray KY

  12. Otis Hydraulic Elevator @ 11 Central Ave Le Mars, Iowa

  13. Westinghouse Traction elevator @ Ballpark Hilton West St. Louis MO

  14. Vintage otis TOUCH SENSITIVE traction elevator @ Shoenberg pavilion Jewish Hospital St. Louis MO

  15. Dover Hydraulic service elevator @ Tanglewood Mall Loading Dock Roanoke VA

  16. Dover Hydraulic Freight elevator @ Tanglewood Mall Roanoke VA

  17. Historic Otis Traction elevator @ The Guggenheimer Nursing Home Lynchburg VA

  18. Antique Otis Traction elevator @ 220 North 4th St. Mansion House Center Saint Louis MO

  19. Amazing Burlington Antique hydraulic elevator @ Lord & Taylor Ridgewood NJ

  20. antique otis traction elevator @ Masonic Temple Sturgis MI

  21. Penn City Hydraulic Freight elevator @ Willow Grove Park Shopping Center Willow Grove PA

  22. Montgomery Hydraulic Freight elevator @ King of Prussia Mall King of Prussia PA

  23. Dover Hydraulic Freight Elevator @ The Roanoke Times Roanoke VA

  24. AMAZING 1926 Otis Traction elevator @ Rochester Medical Center Rochester NY

  25. SMALL Dover Freight Elevator @ Days Inn Nashville TN former King of the Road Motor Inn Roger Miller

  26. Imperial Hydraulic elevator @ sentinel office centre Roanoke VA w/ Jimster586

  27. AMAZING 1904 Monarch/Salem Traction freight elevator @ Mostly Sofas Roanoke VA MANUAL controller

  28. Dominion Traction Elevator w/jimster586 @ 707 Building Roanoke VA

  29. Antique Southern Traction Elevator w/ Jimster586 @ 916 Main St Lynchburg VA

  30. Old Otis traction elevator @ Wachovia Building Bedford VA

  31. Old Otis Traction Freight elevator @ Boggs Buildng Atlanta GA

  32. Old Otis Hydraulic elevator @ Crestwood Plaza St. Louis Missouri

  33. Otis Traction Service/Freight elevator @ Bank of America Building St. Louis MO

  34. Old Otis Traction elevator @ Rush Rhees Library University of Rochester NY from 1930

  35. AMAZING antique Otis Freight elevator @ The Roanoke Times Roanoke VA with WOODEN gate

  36. Lovely Otis Traction elevator @ Parking Garage in Atlanta GA

  37. Otis Traction elevator @ M Dumas & Sons Store Charleston SC w/ crapper1

  38. AMAZING Otis Autotronic elevator @ Sibleys Tower Rochester NY

  39. Elevator Trio : Red Haughton Freight elevator @ Hutchinson Hall Rochester NY w/ jtelev & Jimster586

  40. Montgomery Freight elevator @ The Bon-Ton Eastview Mall Victor NY

  41. Elevator Trio: Antique Grey Otis traction elevators @ Highland Hospital w/ Jimster586 & Jtelev

  42. Elevator Trio: Gannett Building Freight elevator @ RIT school Rochester NY w/jimster586 & jtelev

  43. Beautiful old antique otis elevator @ MUSC Charleston SC with crapper1

  44. Elevator Trio: Yellow Haughton elevators @ URMC Rochester NY w/ Jtelev & Jimster586

  45. Old Haughton Traction elevator @ Chase Tower Rochester NY (floors 1-13)

  46. Elevator Trio: Awesome Touch sensitive Blue otis elevator @ Highland Hospital Rochester NY

  47. elevator trio : Red Old Otis elevator @ Highland Hospital Rochester NY w/jimster586 & Jtelev

  48. Haughton Green Traction Elevator @ Rochester General Hospital Rochester NY w/jimster586

  49. Old Otis traction elevator @ The Genetti Hotel Williamsport PA

  50. Old Haughton traction elevator @ 90 Canal Street Rochester NY w/jimster586

  51. 2001 video : Westinghouse Hydraulic elevator @ Municipal Parking Garage Burlington VT

  52. Antique Otis traction elevator @Hampshire house Cheers Beacon HIll (Bull and Finch Pub) Boston MA

  53. Montgomery Hydraulic elevator @ Willow Grove Park Mall Willow Grove PA

  54. Amazing Old Otis Traction Book elevator @ URMC Library Rochester NY

  55. AMAZING old traction Freight elevator

  56. Old Dover Traction elevator @ 110 Campbell Ave Roanoe va

  57. Otis Traction Manually Controlled Freight elevator @ Macy's Pittsburgh PA the "fail 'o' Vator"

  58. Old Otis Traction Freight elevator @ Ohio Valley General Hospital McKees Rocks, PA

  59. Westbrook Manually Controlled traction freight elevator @ Macado's Roanoke VA

  60. Dawn of the Dead Montgomery Hydraulic elevator @ JC Penney Monroeville Mall Monroeville, PA

  61. Independent Service on Otis Autotronic elevator @ Macy's Pittsburgh PA w/ Patricknedz

  62. AWESOME Otis Freight elevator w/ wooden gate @ South Hills Village Mall Bethel Park, PA

  63. Amazing 1966 Otis Traction elevator @ Municipal Garage Williamsport PA

  64. Terrible but vintage Montgomery freight elevator @ Monroeville Mall getting stuck on camera

  65. Otis traction 6800 elevators @ URMC Rochester NY w/jimster586

  66. Haughton Traction elevator @ Lawyers Building Pittsburgh PA w/ Patricknedz

  67. Haughton Traction elevator @ Centre City Tower Pittsburgh PA w/patricknedz

  68. Awesome Otis Lexan Traction elevator @ National Gallery of Art Washington DC

  69. HUGE old otis freight elevator @ Winship Drama Building UT Austin TX w/ Captainelevator42189

  70. Amazing Old Otis Traction Elevator @ The Stacks UT Austin Science Library w/ Captainelevator42189

  71. Awesome Bottom Drive Westinghouse elevator @ St. Clair Building Pittsburgh PA

  72. AMAZING Westinghouse/Haughton elevator @ National Gallery of Art Washington DC

  73. Haughton ROCKET High Speed elevator @ Chase Tower Rochester NY

  74. HUGE and SLOW Otis Traction elevator @ National Gallery of Art East Washington DC

  75. Awesome Otis Lexan traction service elevator @ Sheraton Hotel Nashville TN

  76. Beautiful Otis Touch sensitive High Speed elevator @ Nix Health San Antonio TX

  77. 1950s Otis Traction Elevator @ Parlin Hall UT Austin Texas w/captainelevator42189

  78. Awesome A.B. See Virtual elevator @ The dieselducy building Roanoke VA

  79. Vintage Otis "grey" Traction Elevator @ Highland Hospital Rochester NY

  80. Vintage Dover traction elevator @ Calhoun Hall UT Austin TX w/captainelevator42189

  81. Old Otis elevator @ Highland Hospital Rochester NY w/jimster586

  82. Montgomery Hydraulic elevator @ The Bon Ton Eastview mall victor NY w jimster586

  83. Historic Otis Traction Elevator D @ St. Marys Hospital Jefferson City MO w/TheElevatorChannel 1080

  84. Beautiful Otis Lexan Freight elevator @ Plaza Frontenac Frontenac MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  85. vintage Otis traction elevator @ Monticello Arcade Norfolk VA

  86. Elevator Trio: Otis service / former FB Limited elevator @ plaza Frontenac Frontenac MO

  87. Otis Lexan Bottom Drive Traction Service Elevator @ Neiman Marcus Frontenac Plaza Frontenac MO

  88. Old Otis Lexan Hydraulic Elevator @ Saks Fifth Avenue Plaza Frontenac Frontenac MO

  89. General/Rotary Gated Hydraulic piston pump elevator @ Kirkwood Medical Building Kirkwood MO

  90. 1940s Otis Traction Elevator @ 223 East Capitol Jefferson City MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  91. General/Dover Hydraulic elevators @ The Oxford Building 141 N Meramec Clayton MO

  92. FAST 1969 Montgomery Hydraulic Freight elevator @ Monroeville Mall Monroeville PA

  93. 1928 Old Haughton Traction elevator @ the Fredrick Building Columbia MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  94. Crappy but nice US Hydraulic Freight Elevator by Victorias Secret @ White Flint Mall N. Bethesda MD

  95. Vintage Otis Traction Elevator @ Missouri State Capital Parking Deck Jefferson City MO

  96. Awesome Otis Elevator @ Crestwood Plaza St. Louis MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  97. Vintage Otis Lexan Hydraulic elevator @ Chesterfield Mall Chesterfield MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  98. Vintage Otis hydraulic Elevator @ South Hills Village Bethel Park PA

  99. Vintage General/Dover Freight Elevator @ Crestwood Plaza St. Louis MO w/TheElevatorChannel.MTS

  100. vintage Montgomery Hydraulic service/freight elevator @ Bloomingdales White Flint Mall Kensington MD

  101. Awesome Westinghouse Traction Gated elevator @ Mizzou Student Union Columbia MO w/TheElevatorChannel

  102. Vintage Haughton Traction elevator @ Rochester General Hospital Rochester NY

  103. Old Otis Autotronic Elevator @ Macy's Pittsburgh PA

  104. Awesome Rotary Piston Pump Hydraulic elevator @ Hill Building St.Louis MO

  105. Vintage DOVIS Traction elevator @ Robert E Lee Building Lexington VA

  106. Old Otis Manually controlled Traction elevator @ Robert E Lee Building Lexington VA

  107. Vintage Otis Traction elevator @ Highland Hospital Rochester NY (Blue Bank)

  108. Awesome Haughton Traction Freight Elevator @ Hutchinson Hall U of R Rochester NY

  109. Vintage Westinghouse Traction Elevator @ Town and Country Building Clayton MO w/ TheElevatorChannel

  110. US/Southern Traction elevator @ Monument Terrace Building Lynchburg VA w/ cannycart

  111. Otis Lexan Bottom Drive elevator @ St. Marys Hospital Jefferson City MO w/ TheElevatorChannel

  112. Classic Otis Leveling at its best! Parnall Building Rochester General Hospital.

  113. Vintage Otis Traction (black button) Service elevator @ Crowne Plaza Clayton MO

  114. MusicfreakCC rides the famous dover elevator @ The TangleWood Mall

  115. Having fun with TheElevatorChannel on the 2 Long elevators @ The Le Chateau Village Frontenac MO

  116. AWESOME vintage Westinghouse Elevator @ Student Union Mizzou School Columbia MO

  117. Vintage Dover "Black Button" Hydraulic elevator @ 19 Campbell Ave Roanoke VA w Filmer765

  118. Cannycart rides the Amazing Otis elevator @ the Wells Fargo Building

  119. Salem Bottom Drive Winding Drum Traction Elevator (Trap Door/Sidewalk Elevator) AMAZING!

  120. Otis Lexan Scenic Elevator @ Dillard's Chesterfield Mall St. Louis MO AWESOME MOTOR

  121. VERY nice 1964 Otis Traction elevator @ 700 Building Richmond VA

  122. Imperial Hydraulic elevator @ Sentinel Office Centre Ronaoke VA (TX10)

  123. Do we ride? Awesome Semi Automitic elevator @ Science Building St. Marys University San Antoino TX

  124. Westinghouse high speed Service elevator @ Rivercenter Marriott San Antonio TX

  125. Vintage Otis Traction elevator @ 916 Main Street Lubbock TX with TERRIBLE mod

  126. Amazing Westinghouse Selectomatic elevators @ the Historic Metro Tower Lubbock TX (handycam)

  127. Historic Otis Traction elevator @ Travis Park United Methodist Church San Antonio TX

  128. Older Dover Hydraulic Scenic elevator @ Doubletree Hotel San Antonio Airport TX for Gluse

  129. Otis Touch Sensitive Service elevator @ Nix Hospital San Antonio TX

  130. Vintage Dover Hydraulic Space Elevator @ West Mall Building UT Austin TX w Captainelevator42189

  131. Dominion Traction elevator @ Roanoke Municipal Building w Filmer765

  132. A Youtube First! Awesome Otis Manlift Traction elevator in a Silo!

  133. Epic fail: Broken elevator at the Central Building in Clayton

  134. Vintage Otis Traction elevator @ Menard Manor Menard TX (Manually Controlled)

  135. AWESOME Salem Traction Winding Drum Freight elevator with CJ Anderson components

  136. Vintage Otis Lexan Traction elevator @ Westport Sheraton St. Louis MO w TheElevatorChannel

  137. Hydraulic elevator w CJ Anderson fixtures @ Capital Employee Garage Austin TX w Captainelevator42189

  138. Vintage 1950s Dover Traction elevator @ Calhoun Hall UT Austin TX w/ Captainelevator42189

  139. Vintage Otis Traction elevator @ Crowne Plaza Clayton MO w TheElevatorChannel

  140. Building Tour: Battle Hall with Elevator ride on University of Texas Austin Campus

  141. ESCO Hydraulic elevator @ St Marks Center Plano TX w Gluse (CJ Anderson fixtures)

  142. Awesome Vintage Dover Hydraulic elevator @ 677 Office Building St. Louis MO

  143. A Breakdown of the Otis Black Button Fixture

  144. EPIC 1953 Monarch/Dover Traction Freight elevator Williams Hall NCSU Raleigh CJ Anderson Fixtures

  145. Historic 1964 Dominion Traction elevator @ seven o seven Building Roanoke VA w filmer765

  146. Spirited Vintage Dover Hydraulic elevator @ Reynolds Coliseum NCSU Raleigh NC w Elevatingpirate

  147. Vintage General/Dover Hydraulic elevator @ The Reliable Building Webster Groves MO

  148. Vintage Manually Controlled Westbrook elevator @ Masonic Temple Bldg Danville VA

  149. 1920 Otis Traction elevator @ City Museum St. Louis MO w Streetcar1743 (St. Louis Fire Door)

  150. Vintage Otis Touch Sensitive elevators @ Lubbock National Bank Building Lubbock TX

  151. 1960s Otis Lexan Hydraulic elevator @ The Nash Building Louisville KY

  152. 1978 US Scenic elevator @ Ashley Furniture Manchester Road St. Louis MO

  153. Awesome Otis Traction elevators @ alico Building Parking Deck Waco TX

  154. Vintage Salem Traction elevator @ Schewells Furniture Lynchburg VA w cannycart

  155. Vintage Otis Lexan Elevator @ America's Garage St. Louis MO

  156. Otis Lexan High Speed Elevators @ University of Texas Tower in Austin TX

  157. Ringing the Elevator Alarm in a 1930s otis elevator

  158. Vintage Otis Lexan Traction elevators @ Morrison Building Charleston WV

  159. St. Johns hospital/Mercy St. Louis hates photographers and illegally detains them

  160. Vintage Otis Gated elevator @ 20 South Central Clayton MO with PTL fixtures

  161. Vintage Southern Hydraulic elevator @ Squire Student Center VA Tech Blacksburg VA w Thewildeeper

  162. Awesome Bottom Drive Southern Traciton elevator @ Robeson hall Virginia Tech Blacksburg VA

  163. Vintage gated otis elevator @ Battle Hall UT Austin School W Captainelevator42189 Austin TX

  164. Awesome 1955 Westinghouse Selectomatic elevator @ Metro Tower Lubbock TX

  165. EPIC motor on Totally awesome vintage traction elevator in Charlottesville VA

  166. an "interesting" ride on a vintage otis elevator

  167. Epic Fail : Defunct 1907 elevator in Harrisonburg VA

  168. elevaTOUR of the freight elevators @ the Roanoke Times