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  4. Vacant Lot

  5. Governor Scott Walker on Fox and Friends

  6. Bad Hand

  7. Happy Mother's Day from Governor Scott Walker

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  9. Anthem

  10. Anthem

  11. The Facts

  12. Governor Walker talks Paul Ryan on Squawk Box

  13. You + Two= Victory

  14. Governor Walker on "Hannity" 05/30/12

  15. Governor Walker on WFRV-TV 05/30/12

  16. Spending

  17. Governor Walker "On The Record" w/ Greta Van Susteren 05/16/12

  18. Jobs

  19. Happy Mother's Day

  20. Healthcare

  21. Economy

  22. Governor Walker on CBS Evening News 4/03/12

  23. Governor Walker "On The Record" w/ Greta Van Susteren

  24. Promises Kept

  25. Governor Walker on The Kudlow Report

  26. Governor Walker on Fox and Friends

  27. Results

  28. Holiday Spirit

  29. Wisconsin Success

  30. Education

  31. Governor Walker Discusses Successful Budget Reforms on Squawk Box

  32. Governor Walker on Fox and Friends

  33. Right for Wisconsin

  34. Gov. Walker on Hannity: Our Reforms are Working

  35. Working Together

  36. Scott Walker Ad: "Leadership"

  37. Scott Walker Ad: "Flush Out The Truth"

  38. Get the Vote Out For Scott Walker!

  39. Scott Walker Ad: "Takeover"

  40. 3 Weeks

  41. Scott Walker Ad: "Real Leadership"

  42. Scott Walker on "Fox and Friends"

  43. Scott Walker Primary Election Night Speech

  44. Scott Walker Ad: "Make It Right"

  45. Mark Belling on the Rush Limbaugh Show: Scott Walker Will Stop the Train

  46. Scott Walker Ad: "Fighter"

  47. Scott Walker Ad: "Classroom"

  48. Scott Walker Stop the Train Rally

  49. CNN Praises Scott Walker's "Yes We Can" Ad

  50. Scott Walker Ad: "Yes We Can!"

  51. Scott Walker Ad: "Waste"

  52. Scott Walker Speaks at the Washington County Tea Party

  53. Newt Gingrich's November Predictions

  54. Scott Walker: 3 Months to Victory

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  58. Scott Walker Ad: "Savings"

  59. Scott Walker's Brown Bag Visit in La Crosse

  60. Join Scott Walker for the 100 Day Dash. 65,000 Calls, 6,500 Doors on 7/24/10

  61. Scott Walker on Fox Business 7-2-10

  62. Join Scott Walker for the June Challenge. 26,000 Calls, 2,600 Doors on 6/26/10

  63. Scott Walker Joins Bill Bennett on "Morning in America"

  64. Congressman Sensenbrenner Congratulates Scott Walker on Winning Endorsement

  65. Scott Walker Endorsed By Thousands of Grassroots Conservatives at Republican State Convention

  66. Scott Walker Accepts Endorsement

  67. Taking Our Government Back

  68. Scott Walker Ad: "Results"

  69. Scott Walker Video: "Eight Years"

  70. Mark Green Endorses Scott Walker for Governor

  71. Scott Walker's Brown Bag Tour Stops in Mosinee

  72. Contest: "Show Us Your Brown Bag"

  73. Scott Walker Ad: "Choices"

  74. Scott Walker's Brown Bag Tour

  75. Scott Walker Ad: "Saturn"

  76. Scott Walker Holds Brown Bag Lunch Event in Eau Claire

  77. Scott Walker Ad: "Brown Bag"

  78. Scott Walker Ad: "Salary"

  79. Scott Walker's Plan to Help Create 250,000 Wisconsin Jobs

  80. Scott Walker at Insight 2010 with Charlie Sykes

  81. Scott Walker Discusses His Pledge to Create 250,000 Jobs with Mike Gousha

  82. Scott Walker pledges to help create 250,000 jobs as governor

  83. Scott Walker Kicks Off His Brown Bag Tour in Green Bay

  84. Scott Walker Visits the Northwoods WJFW Wausau 2-6-2010

  85. Scott Walker State of the Economy

  86. Scott Walker Returns $200,000,000 to the Taxpayers

  87. Merry Christmas 2009

  88. Scott Walker Wins Right Stuff of the Year Award 2009

  89. Wisconsin Deserves Better

  90. Scott Walker Thanks Veterans on Veterans Day 2009

  91. Newt Gingrich: Scott Walker Will Win in Wisconsin

  92. 11.02.09 - Rally to Victory!