1. Demonstrating sound waveforms combining

  2. Combining sound waves with Audacity

  3. CSC-200: Effect of sampling rate on sound quality

  4. Recording voice with Audacity

  5. CSC-200: Exploring Sound Engineering

  6. Digital images and pixels

  7. CSC-200: Digital photo editing with GIMP

  8. Photo editing with PowerPoint

  9. CSC-200: Photo editor retouching fun

  10. Video Pad PC video editor - 5 stars!

  11. Video editing tutorials

  12. TSAR Hydrogen Bomb Detonated by USSR (with sound)

  13. CSC-200: An interview with Charles M.

  14. CSC-200: An interview with Suzie M.

  15. CSC-200: interview bloopers

  16. Crude but quick animation

  17. Animation ideas for CSC-200 project 3.9

  18. CSC-200 Project 8: Exploring Game Development

  19. Living Text: published text + video, NOW!

  20. QR code generation and use

  21. Download and install Windows Media Encoder

  22. Audio lecture slides using Windows Media Encoder

  23. 02 WME Using Windows Media Encoder to capture screen and sound

  24. 01-WME How to download Windows Media Encoder (free)

  25. Test your internet connection speed

  26. Network-connected and WiFi internet speeds compared