1. USADA head received death threats during Armstrong investigation

  2. Texas rice farmers bear brunt of drought

  3. A bad week for Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

  4. It's official: 2012 hottest year in U.S. on record

  5. 2013 Consumer Electronics Shows kicks off in Las Vegas

  6. 911 calls played at Colo. theater shooting pre-tiral hearing

  7. Christie hugs 9-year-old "voice" of Sandy children

  8. New Amy Winehouse inquest confirms alcohol poisoning

  9. Disney's new wristbands let guests skip lines

  10. Chris Christie: "Some things are above politics"

  11. "Sandy dog" saved from being put down

  12. Nantz on Alabama win, NFL playoffs

  13. "Gangster Squad" cast at L.A. premiere

  14. Father of slain Okla. twins speaks out

  15. Giant body parts march through Chile

  16. Earnings season begins

  17. What does new mortgage settlement mean for you?

  18. Elk rescued from swimming pool in Sweden

  19. Some residents return home in Seaside Heights

  20. Woman stops intruder with machete

  21. Arson fires continue as temperatures soar in Australia

  22. Doctor: Simple steps to drastically reduce cancer risk

  23. CES preview: Gadgets to watch for

  24. "NCIS" fact or fiction?

  25. Watch: Bug sex can be deadly

  26. N.J. teens go missing on frozen lake

  27. Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" turns 45

  28. Dead lottery winner may have been poisoned

  29. Can childhood obesity be predicted at birth?

  30. Inauguration ball ticket mishap closes out attendees

  31. Wedding crash: Newlyweds plummet in hot air balloon

  32. Hotel trends and airfares: Where to fly and stay in 2013

  33. Baby talk: Infants may learn language in the womb

  34. McDonald's to change name in Australia

  35. The flu season off to earliest start in 10 years

  36. Officials to demolish JFK assassin's building

  37. Headlines: More planets in habitable zone

  38. Aurora pretrial: More gripping testimony expected

  39. Headlines: Another mishap in Boeing 787 Dreamliner

  40. Brennan: Counterterrorism expert to head CIA

  41. Giffords, Biden launch gun control efforts

  42. Benghazi attack suspect released from jail

  43. Former sen: Chuck Hagel is his own man

  44. Staffers cheer as Clinton returns to work

  45. Hagel faces tough criticism in Senate

  46. Rapper Freddy E tweets just before suicide

  47. U.S. military deploys Patriot missiles along Turkey-Syria border

  48. Obama's defense secretary nominee faces opposition

  49. Small drop seen in cancer death rates

  50. Witnesses testify in Colo. movie theater shooting hearing

  51. Major banks settle foreclosure abuses in $8.5B deal

  52. Vietnam vet puts faces to the names of the fallen

  53. Rare "dolphin stampede" caught on tape

  54. Code Pink protests John Brennan nomination

  55. Vigil held for Colo. elk shot by police officer

  56. Big banks settle mortgage claims

  57. Hearing begins in Colo. theater shooting case

  58. Building creative self-confidence

  59. Brennan: Serving as CIA director would be "the honor of my life"

  60. Chuck Hagel: "I will always do my best"

  61. Obama nominates "legendary" John Brennan as CIA director

  62. Obama praises service of Leon Panetta, Michael Morell

  63. Obama: "Chuck Hagel is the leader that our troops deserve"

  64. Flu forecasters help predict how to best combat the virus

  65. Lohan's lawyer predicts no charges in club fight

  66. Manti Te'O: Playing through tremendous adversity

  67. Police chase kangaroo in airport parking lot

  68. Obama signs bill to aid Sandy victims

  69. Florence Welch flying high, but still living with Mom

  70. Polar bear gets too close for comfort

  71. Wildfires raging across southern Australia

  72. Seattle skydiver search suspended due to weather

  73. Grounded oil rig refloated in Alaska

  74. Steve Jobs on cancer: Don't mess with eastern medicine

  75. Headlines: Kinky "Shades" spoof off Broadway

  76. "Wheat Belly" author: Wheat as addictive as crack

  77. Kayak.com CEOs talk online travel sites

  78. Bill Richardson, Eric Schmidt arrive in North Korea

  79. Prince Charles worried about Prince Harry

  80. Secretary Clinton returns to work

  81. Steubenville rape case: Officials go on the defense

  82. Never-before-seen color photos of the Beatles

  83. Medicare fraud: Critics say power wheelchairs a rip off

  84. Air travel has gotten safer

  85. Aurora movie theater massacre pre-trial to begin

  86. Hagel nomination draws trouble in Senate

  87. Flu season hits hard and early

  88. Assad refuses to step down, U.S. rejects proposal

  89. Battle over debt limit, spending cuts not over

  90. McChrystal: Never thought I could be accused of disloyalty

  91. Headlines: Clinton returns to work

  92. Vittorio Missoni still missing, search continues

  93. Gun sales surge after school shooting

  94. Surviving the winter in Afghanistan

  95. U.S. State Department dismisses Assad's speech

  96. One hundred missing in Tasmania

  97. Program pairs prison inmates with wild horses

  98. McChrystal on the sudden end of his career

  99. Preliminary hearing for James Holmes