1. Dolphin whistles sound similar in air and helium

  2. Honeyguide chick kills foster sibling

  3. Gas jets expand during star birth

  4. How to board a plane more efficiently

  5. Giant crabs invade Antarctic seafloor

  6. Business in the cloud

  7. How to stop a coffee ring from forming

  8. The healing power of the mind

  9. Robots chat when humans aren't around

  10. Milky Way galaxy forms and evolves

  11. Black hole devours a star

  12. Smell of death freaks out lampreys

  13. Morph your face with augmented reality

  14. Aftermath of underwater volcanic eruption

  15. Mixed fluid returns to its original state

  16. Lifesize Mobius strip does the wave

  17. Singing robotic head reads music

  18. Robot swarm invades from the ground and air

  19. Tattoo could monitor your health

  20. Micro-robots transport glass and trap particles

  21. 24 hours on top of the world

  22. Snail devours crab

  23. Blood meal triggers mosquito death

  24. Killer rat injects fur with poison

  25. Video lab coat turns geek to chic

  26. Thought-controlled brakes

  27. Big fish sucks up little fish

  28. How the universe appeared from nothing

  29. First flight of 3D printed plane

  30. Acorn to oak tree time-lapse

  31. How dogs move

  32. Chimp makes nest in a tree

  33. Latest rover set to explore Mars

  34. A frog's electric face

  35. Reggie Watts perfoms robot rap

  36. Robot red carpet

  37. Robo-theremin player jams with humans

  38. Massive sandstorm engulfs Phoenix

  39. Hear the shape of a graph

  40. 3D painting turns perspective inside-out

  41. Clever lizard unblocks hole to get food

  42. Hubble music video

  43. Virtual office tour made entirely from CGI

  44. Penguins do the wave to keep warm

  45. Worm-bot wriggles around obstacles

  46. Incubator spies on developing embryo

  47. Mysterious halo of light

  48. Looking through skin

  49. Droplets dance in Tibetan Singing Bowl

  50. Ball sinks to bottom of grain-filled tube

  51. Spider in space

  52. What Tau sounds like

  53. Robot swarm forages for food

  54. Robo-tailor stitches a jacket seam

  55. Beating heart-on-a-chip

  56. Hand-hacking helps budding musicians

  57. A year in the life of the moon

  58. Magnetic rope triggers solar storms

  59. Illusion turns pretty faces into gargoyles

  60. Motion capture for molecules

  61. Dancing on air

  62. Octopus navigates maze to get food

  63. Ovarian cancer bullies healthy cells

  64. Robot images used in pyramid fly-through

  65. Pool-playing robot

  66. Suit simulates pregnancy

  67. Spider-hunting spider

  68. Simulating the sound of fire

  69. Different strokes for different sea critters

  70. Virtual car race lets you feel the swerve

  71. How animals made us human

  72. Simulated marble run

  73. Beetle preys on toad

  74. Ants form unsinkable raft

  75. Telescope array syncs up to night sky

  76. How dogs drink

  77. Tree-climbing robot

  78. Robot turns into a helicopter

  79. Orbiting the Earth

  80. Imaginary phone

  81. App lets you interact with magazines

  82. Paralysed man regains control of his legs

  83. Anatomy of an ancient spider

  84. Vehicle levitates without magnets

  85. Creating a digital dancer

  86. Harry Potter illusion

  87. Colour-blinding wheel

  88. Human-powered helicopter

  89. Morphing face illusion

  90. Turning wheel seems to jump backwards

  91. Floating avatar

  92. Smartphone DJ

  93. Spot the cuttlefish

  94. Turn any surface into a touchscreen

  95. Bucking Bronco controlled by breathing

  96. Play smartphone games on the wall

  97. Tiger cubs play in the wild

  98. Turn 2D photos into 3D models

  99. Robot kung-fu