1. High Speed and High Power Connector Design

  2. EMC simulation consumer electronic devices

  3. Advanced RCS Analysis of Airborne Vehicles

  4. Simulation of Wearable Antennas for Body Centric Wireless Communication

  5. Combined 3D Electromagnetic and Spin Response Simulation of MRI Systems

  6. CST - Electromagnetic simulation software

  7. Multiphysics Approach for a Magnetron and Microwave Oven Design

  8. Simulation of EMI in Hybrid Cabling for Combining Power and Control Signaling

  9. Multiphysics Approach for a Magnetron and Microwave Oven Design

  10. Automotive PCBs: Efficient Signal and Power Integrity Analysis

  11. TSV and Interposer Modeling, Design and Characterization

  12. Chip/Package/Board: Constraint Driven Co-Design

  13. Antenna Cosite Interference Analysis in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

  14. Integrated Antenna Design for a GSM Tracking Device

  15. New Simulation Workflows for Predicting Radiated Emissions

  16. Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation

  17. PCB and Package Codesign and Cooptimization

  18. Advanced System Simulation for Multi-Channel MRI Coils

  19. Improving Medical Diagnosis and Treatment with Bio-EM Simulation

  20. Simplifying the PCB and Package Design Workflow

  21. Optimization of a Reflector Antenna System

  22. Modeling the Susceptibility of Enclosures to ESD

  23. Matching Circuit Optimization of Antenna

  24. EDA Workflow

  25. Simulation Enabling In-flight Connectivity

  26. EMC/E3 Analysis of Rotorcraft Electrical System

  27. Electromagnetic Simulation in Radar System Design

  28. CST at DesignCon 2011

  29. Choosing the right antenna for your application [Antenna Magus Part 2/4]

  30. Introduction to Antenna Magus [Antenna Magus Part 1/4]

  31. Designing an antenna [Antenna Magus Part 3/4]

  32. 3D electromagnetic antenna simulation [Antenna Magus Part 4/4]

  33. EM simulation trends discussed at DesignCon

  34. 2009 EuMW CST's Top Stand Neighbours!

  35. Cylindrical Patch Antenna Array Simulation

  36. EDACafe Interviews CST at DesignCon