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Reso - Axion (Official Music Video) Taken from 'Tangram LP' (Civil Music)

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Published on Oct 31, 2012

LISTEN TO RELEASE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrWHyT...
BUY FROM CIVIL MUSIC http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram
Reso - Tangram
5th November 2012 on http://civilmusic.com.

Like on http://facebook.com/civilmusic & https://facebook.com/resomusic
Download and more info at http://civilmusic.com & http://reso-music.com/

A landmark electronic record. The debut album from Reso. A thirteen track odyssey that reaffirms the place of the 'album' within modern electronic music.


01. Exoframe
02. Creature
03. Axion
04. Coronium
05. Simple Pleasures
06. Virtua Rhythm
07. Interlude
08. Nempo
09. Backwards Glance
10. Half Life
11. Ishimura
12. Check 1, 2
13. Tabris

Boomkat: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-boomkat-vinyl
Bleep: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-bleep-vinyl
Juno: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-juno-vinyl
Chemical: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-chemical-v...
Redeye: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-redeye-vinyl
Phonica: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-phonica
Norman: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-normanrec-...
Amazon: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-amazon-vinyl
Rough Trade: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-rough-trad...
Decks (DE): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-decks-de
HHV (DE): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-hhv-vinyl
Amoeba (USA): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-amoeba-usa
Forced Exposure (USA): http://cvl.mu/reso-forcedexposure-usa
Disk Union (JP): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-diskunion-jp
Jungle Exotica (JP): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-jungleexot...
Newtone Records (JP): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-newtone-jp

Itunes: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-itunes
Boomkat: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-boomkat
Beatport: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-beatport
Bleep: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-bleep
Amazon: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-amazon
Juno: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-juno
ZeroInch: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-zeroinch
Digital Tunes: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-digitaltunes
Trackitdown: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-trackitdown
WE7: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-we7
Additech: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-addictech
Emusic: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-emusic
Wasabeat (JP): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-wasabeat
Virgin Mega (FR): http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-virgin
7Digital: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-7digital
Play: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-play
Traxsource: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-traxsource
Whatpeopleplay: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-whatpeople...
DJ Download: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-djdownload

Youtube: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-youtube
Spotify: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-spotify
Rdio: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-rdio
Google Music: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-google-music
Deezer: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-deezer
Napster: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-napster
Rhapsody: http://cvl.mu/reso-tangram-rhapsody

Download and more info: http://civilmusic.com
Like: http://facebook.com/civilmusic
Follow: http://twitter.com/civilmusic

Download and more info: http://reso-music.com
Like: http://facebook.com/resomusic
Follow: http://twitter.com/resorobotstick

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