1. Alexander Humphrey Exhibit - Interview with Professor Donald Merino

  2. Introduction Alexander Humphreys' Exhibit

  3. Welcome to the Library's Web Site!

  4. Getting Started with Your Research Module 1

  5. Getting Started with Your Research Module 2

  6. Getting Started with Your Research Module 3

  7. How to Print from the Library Printers

  8. Avoiding Plagiarism

  9. Problem Solvers

  10. Taylorism on ABC World Report

  11. Taylor Memorial Celebration

  12. Stevens Cars

  13. Leon Cordero returns to Stevens

  14. Frank Sinatra at Stevens

  15. Concrete Bird

  16. Louis Gourdon Model

  17. SIC-NAICS.mp4

  18. How to Submit a Senior Thesis, Report, or Senior Design Project

  19. How to Submit a Masters or Ph.D. Dissertation

  20. How to Order and Pay for Documents through Your Student Account

  21. How to Order Documents through the Interlibrary Loan Deptartment

  22. How to Set up and use a Deposit Account for ILL Requests

  23. How to Check for a Journal Before Submitting a Document Request

  24. Restoration of The Bolt

  25. How to Find Patents

  26. Finding Journal Papers and Articles - Getting Started

  27. Finding a Specific Journal

  28. How to Find a Dissertation or Thesis

  29. Finding Company Information

  30. Citing Sources

  31. Cited Reference Search

  32. How to Recommend a Book

  33. Creating URLs to library resources