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Alien Anatomy, Species, & Genetics (part 2)

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Uploaded on Dec 12, 2008

I am going to condense part 1 and 2 into a (Director's Cut) also, which just goes over Straight Genetics without going off on random tangents...
I think I should make a separate video which goes over Disinformation and Propaganda in explicit detail...
Google: Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman for intelligent reading materials on these subjects! Based on the theory of evolution by the means of Natural Selection, there would have to exist a mechanism within the ecological system that would insure the survival of only the most intelligent of a species. Something that would kill off only the stupidest members of the group!

Without such a mechanism there is no way for intelligent life to evolve

There are about 900 thousand different types of insects in the world, and more are discovered every year! None of them show signs of intelligence.
300 million years of dinosaur evolution and not one velociraptor ever built a computer or an airplane
Which means no intelligent dinosaurs, & no lizard people

On the other hand if humans or another intelligent species like them were to evolve in a society with complete freedom of genetic experimentation, the evolutionary paragon would be something very similar to an alien Grey what we would think of as a typical alien.

The rest of this video is dedicated to exposing the logical fallacies of people who believe in Reptilians. Ill go over why this disinformation is so popular that I actually felt I had to waste my time making a video about it. And I will also cover other aspects of disinformation

We have half of these people claiming that our world leaders burn effigies at the Bohemian Grove and do all this evil to the world because they worship Satan. The other half believe that these people protect their bloodlines because the have reptilian DNA and not because of dynasty or any other natural phenomena.


How to freeze and revive By Stefan Anitei, Science Editor

It seems that the people who fall prey to this shapeshifting reptilian disinformation are also all followers of religious scriptures and teachings. I am sorry but how can people look for answers or information on todays world by consulting ancient writings? I guess maybe if the books were written by God himself than they would always have the right answer but how do you KNOW that for sure??
The answer is you dont, youre supposed to have faith! Personally Id rather put my faith in studying the actual systems of the world in which I live in order to help myself better understand it and where its all going!

I look to books like A Brave New World, 1984, and Animal Farm to understand where the future is headed! The Bible and the book of Revelations tells us nothing about society today other than the fact that its starting to look more an more like the end of the world! The worst part is they tell you to pray to God and have Faith through this time! Instead of actively protesting the evil and getting out there to work on actual solutions to the problems, they tell you to go to church and simply pray to God that somehow magically all the problems in the world will just go away.

We have to look to all the lessons that different people have taught us throughout History and take from each of them the things that seem most important to us. The Truth is what is most important to me, I look to make logical sense of everything and it drives me crazy when I cant When this happens, a mistake people often make is to try and fill in the holes, they look for a fast and easy answer that can explain all these different things. And this is where we become most susceptible to disinformation!

The main purpose of disinformation is to trick and confuse people into externalizing the blame for things, so that the real puppet masters can continue to pull our string from a hidden vantage point.

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