1. Cart ride gone terribly wrong [MUST WATCH!!]

  2. Depression Era UFO sighting (1931) - Lancaster, PA

  3. Tay Allyn - Mass Text (uber-fucked trippy remix)

  4. Horror movie fail - incredibly dumb zombie scene (not even scary one bit)

  5. Afraid to open a Pillsbury container

  6. Rare NI Massive waveform shirts!!!

  7. Fake hand prank [weirdest reaction in prank history!]

  8. Rhode's Weird Comedy - Presidential Radio Debate Parody

  9. Blut Aus Nord type of riff I came up with today

  10. Blut Aus Nord: Cosmosophy preview ("Epitome XIV")

  11. Beatz n' Stuff

  12. The problem with online dating

  13. Swordbearer - Where Mountains Meet the Sky

  14. Fear Factory - Programmed Intelligence [unreleased/rare track]

  15. Lady Gaga - Eh, Eh [AMBIENT CHILL remix!] (scenic video)

  16. Swordbearer- They Came by Wind and Sail [ALBUM VERSION!]

  17. Bulldozer crashes multiple times!!

  18. Very epic black metal scream!!!!

  19. Pari's party pt3

  20. Pari's party pt 2 (includes epic speech!)

  21. Pari's 22nd Birthday!!!! Epic party flip outs, Fear Factory, a skull, Bop Bop Perono and more!!!

  22. Swordbearer - The Pathway to the End

  23. Mortum - We Came From Below LIVE

  24. Mortum - Forced to Cross the Threshold of Demise LIVE

  25. Mortum - Across A Mournful Landscape LIVE

  26. Swordbearer - official music video "As Night Winds Lash the Grievous Dawn"

  27. BLUT AUS NORD French avant-garde black metal - RARE live performance clip!!!

  28. Mortum - Awakening of the Primordial Spirit LIVE!!! Mexicali in Teaneck, NJ

  29. Mortum - new untitled track LIVE at the fucking Mexicali in Teaneck, NJ!

  30. Mortum - Prophesizing the Fall of Mankind LIVE!!!

  31. Swordbearer teaser for 2009 debut album "Inspired by the Trees"

  32. Epic medieval fight caught on tape! honor, bravery, death, bloodshed...

  33. Swordbearer - new guitar riff

  34. Swordbearer - "We Await the Spring" atmospheric slideshow

  35. epic business argument Mehroze vs. Nick pt2

  36. epic business argument, Mehroze vs. Nick pt.1

  37. Banunu the cute little kitten! pt2

  38. Banunu the cute little kitten! pt. 1

  39. Fear Factory - Vending Bile (Shock remix)

  40. Astral Projection

  41. Faerie sighting???? an elf??? spirit????

  42. Swordbearer - A Fine Day to Die

  43. Electric Erection - The End of My Life

  44. Electric Erection - Cortex Avenue

  45. Electric Erection - Chicks Dusty

  46. Electric Erection - "Shades of White"

  47. Electric Erection - Aimless Running Through the Mind

  48. Electric Erection - You Don't Know

  49. Tide commercial (banned in US) EXTREMELY RARE!!!!!!!!!

  50. Nick gets hit by cupcake

  51. Swordbearer - As Night Winds Lash the Grievous Dawn

  52. Swordbearer music video "They Came By Wind and Sail" [DEMO VERSION]

  53. Weeping Willow clip "Hunter's Moon"

  54. Weeping Willow clip "The Storm"