1. Christi Receives a Very Special Gift

  2. Nicholas Plays Hot Cross Buns on Fiddle

  3. Andrew Plays Danny Boy

  4. Josh Plays St. Anne's Reel on Guitar

  5. The Foxglove Pickers 2014

  6. Banjo - Basic Endings for Vocals & Instrumentals

  7. Josh - Devil's Dream from Lead to Backup

  8. The Foxglove Pickers Youth in Bluegrass Competition - Turkey in the Straw

  9. The Foxglove Pickers - Youth in Bluegrass Competition Dixie Breakdown/Cajun Fiddle

  10. Taps at the Alton Confederate Cemetery

  11. Nathan Plays Loch Lomond on Fiddle

  12. The Foxglove Pickers (Youth Band)

  13. Bill Plays Danny Boy on Fiddle

  14. Banjo Pickers - Splint for Focal Dystonia

  15. Steve Plays Dixie on Banjo

  16. Replacing a Chinrest on a Violin

  17. Tyson Plays Simple Gifts on Guitar

  18. Cripple Creek Very Slow on Dobro

  19. Armadillo Breakdown - Banjo Very Slow

  20. Armadillo Breakdown - Banjo Moderate Speed

  21. Armadillo Breakdown - Guitar

  22. Marxophone - Michael Row Your Boat Ashore

  23. Justin Plays Salt Creek

  24. Lucas Plays Dixie Breakdown on Banjo

  25. Wade Leggett at The Bluegrass Shack

  26. Colin Plays Soldier's Joy on Guitar

  27. Tyson Plays Swallowtail Jig on Guitar

  28. Justin Plays Fireball Mail on Banjo

  29. Rosemary Plays Limerock

  30. Rick Plays Gold Rush on the Banjo

  31. Jake Plays 8th of January on the Banjo

  32. Old Train - The Farm Hands Quartet

  33. Jake Plays What a Friend We Have in Jesus on the Banjo

  34. Larry Plays Devil's Dream on Banjo

  35. Steve on Guitar: The Girls I Left Behind Me

  36. Kids Band - Old Joe Clark

  37. Paige Plays Wabash Cannonball on Dobro

  38. How to Play Rocky Top on the Banjo

  39. Paige Plays John Hardy on Dobro

  40. Shannon Waltz on fiddle

  41. Josh Plays Soldier's Joy on Banjo

  42. Emily Plays Arkansas Traveller on the Fiddle

  43. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Angels We Have Heard on High

  44. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Go Tell It on the Mountain

  45. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Silent Night

  46. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Silver Bells

  47. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Jingle Bells

  48. The Chris Talley Trio Plays Here Comes Santa Claus

  49. Tyson Plays America on the Guitar

  50. Pat Plays Flute

  51. Away in a Manger - Duet on Fiddle / Violin

  52. JC Plays Will the Circle Be Unbroken on Guitar

  53. Karlie plays Shortnin' Bread on Fiddle

  54. Beginning Guitar: Bluegrass G Lick / Run

  55. Happy Birthday!

  56. Electric Banjo for Sale

  57. Jim Plays Faded Love

  58. The Bluegrass Shack's Dating Game

  59. Razing the Building Next to The Bluegrass Shack

  60. Nikki Plays for Steve Martin

  61. Cold Frosty Morn - High Part A

  62. Patrick Plays Redwing on the Fiddle

  63. Whiskey Before Breakfast - Nathan on Fiddle

  64. Cole Plays Bile Them Cabbage Down

  65. Jake Plays I Saw the Light on Banjo

  66. Colton plays Festival Waltz

  67. St. Agatha 2nd-4th Grade Guitar Class - I'll Fly Away

  68. Nikki Plays Black Mountain Rag on Banjo

  69. Easy Banjo Tunes DVD Now Available!

  70. Audrey Amazes Me!

  71. Scotland the Brave - Fiddle Trio

  72. Colton Plays Black and White Rag

  73. Mallory Sings Rocky Top

  74. Rosemary Plays Cherokee Shuffle

  75. Attaching a Collapsible Shoulder Rest to a Violin/Fiddle

  76. Paige Plays Dobro!

  77. Fill in Lick for Amazing Grace House of the Rising Sun Version

  78. Chelsea Plays Marmaduke's Hornpipe

  79. Fiddle - Variations on Bile (Boil) Them Cabbage Down

  80. Ideas for Nikki

  81. House of the Rising Sun by The Chris Talley Trio

  82. Left hand position only - FMB high break

  83. Gold Tone OB-175 Short Demo

  84. Gold Tone BG-150F Short Demo

  85. The Chris Talley Trio - Hello Marylou

  86. The Chris Talley Trio - Ashes of Love

  87. Bury Me Beneath the Weeping Willow - C Position

  88. I'll Fly Away - C Position

  89. Radio Boogie Banjo Break for Nikki

  90. Bonaparte's Retreat Parts A & B

  91. Three Styles of Old Time Banjo Demonstrated

  92. Just a Few Balloons in Charlie's Room

  93. Visitors from Scotland at The Bluegrass Shack Jam

  94. My cat with some of her favorite things!

  95. Jake Plays Victory in Jesus on Banjo

  96. Beginning Banjo: Blackberry Blossom Part B

  97. Beginning Banjo: Blackberry Blossom Part A

  98. Charlie & the Girls - Youth in Bluegrass 2010 Day Two

  99. Charlie & the Girls - Youth in Bluegrass 2010 Day One