1. Ray Bradbury on The Federal Budget

  2. "Good Intentions" with Walter E. Williams

  3. Walter Williams Dunks Basketball + Talks School

  4. Sidney Hook on Karl Marx's False Assumption

  5. Milton Friedman on Elections, Debt and Sugar

  6. Dr. Tibor Machan on Philosophy, Knowledge and Reason

  7. Gary Becker on Equality Across Generations

  8. Milton Friedman on Classical Liberalism

  9. Ron Paul 2nd Amendment 1989 [Rare]

  10. Ruger on Freedom and Tyranny

  11. Is The US Constitution Actually Special?

  12. Milton Equality Liberty? (duplicate)

  13. Equality or Liberty?

  14. Robert Bork and F.A. Hayek on Planning, Specialization and the Sciences

  15. Robert Bork and F.A. Hayek on Institutions, Law and Public Opinion

  16. Milton Friedman on the John Callaway Show

  17. Europe's Debt: America's Crisis?

  18. Friedman Freedom Festival - Hoover Institution Tribute

  19. "Tyranny of the Status Quo" - Politicians

  20. "Tyranny of the Status Quo" - Beneficiaries

  21. "Tyranny of the Status Quo" - Bureaucrats

  22. "Milton Friedman Speaks" - The Future of Our Free Society

  23. "Milton Friedman Speaks" - Myths That Conceal Reality

  24. Milton Friedman on Why He Did "Free To Choose"

  25. Milton Friedman Screen Test

  26. "Milton Friedman Speaks" - Is Capitalism Humane?

  27. "Milton Friedman Speaks" - Free Trade: Consumers v. Producers

  28. Milton Friedman - I, Pencil

  29. Milton Friedman - The Four Ways to Spend Money

  30. Gary Becker - I Remember Milton

  31. The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman

  32. Milton Friedman Crushes Man's 3 Questions like Dixie Cups

  33. Milton Friedman vs. Frances Fox Piven on Free Enterprise

  34. Milton Friedman on Inflation and Money Supply

  35. Testing Milton Friedman - Preview

  36. Milton Friedman: The Problem of Bureaucracy

  37. Richard Stern on Milton Friedman

  38. Mart Laar's Economic Guidebook for Estonia: Free To Choose

  39. Michael Walker on Milton Friedman

  40. Nobel Winner Gary Becker on What Milton Friedman Taught Him

  41. Vaclav Klaus on the life and ideas of Milton Friedman

  42. Milton Friedman - The Future of Your Freedom

  43. Milton Friedman - "Unfair" Competition

  44. Milton Friedman - Why Do We Let This Happen?

  45. Walter Williams and James Buchanan - Term Limits

  46. Hayek and Rosten: Democracy, Special Interests, and Dictatorships

  47. Friedman - The Marketplace of Ideas

  48. Milton Friedman on Price Contols and Barter

  49. Ronald Coase and Gary Becker on Utility Theory

  50. "Free or Equal" Teaser

  51. Hernando de Soto on Globalization

  52. Milton Friedman on Self Interest

  53. Winning Ideas Weekend: 2011 Student Video Workshop

  54. Milton Friedman and Chile - The Power of Choice

  55. Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist - 2 (Stanford)

  56. Walter Williams and James Buchanan - Zero-sum Demagogues

  57. Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist (Stanford)

  58. Walter Williams and Milton Friedman on Unions

  59. Milton Friedman on Labor Unions - Free To Choose

  60. Islam and Democracy

  61. Kuran & North on Institutions: Old Lessons for a New Egypt

  62. Thomas Sowell Dismantles Egalitarianism (Frances Fox Piven Edition)

  63. Frances Fox Piven vs. Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell

  64. The Ultimate Resource - Victoria's Chance

  65. The Ultimate Resource - Freedom's Sound

  66. The Ultimate Resource - Eusebio's Dream

  67. Walter Williams and James Buchanan - Democracy is Nothing Sacrosanct

  68. Friedrich Hayek and James Buchanan: Pattern Prediction and Scientism

  69. "Free or Equal" with Johan Norberg -- Exclusive Preview Clip

  70. Walter Williams and James Buchanan - The Constitution's Erosion

  71. Hayek and Buchanan: Freud, Repression and Moral Order

  72. David Henderson and Dan Klein: Do Economists Agree on Anything?

  73. Hayek and Hazlett: Rule of Law or Emergence by Anarchy?

  74. Thomas Sowell: The Poverty Empire

  75. Douglass North on Formal and Informal Institutions

  76. Julian Simon on Resources, Growth and Human Progress

  77. Hayek and Hazlett on the Decline of Keynes

  78. Friedrich Hayek and Bob Chitester on American Faddism

  79. Hayek & Hazlett: Special Interests

  80. Customers Rule -- Winning Ideas Weekend, 2010

  81. Hayek and Buchanan: Rawls, Egalitarianism and Social Justice

  82. Winning Ideas Weekend - A Kid's Perspective

  83. Turmoil and Triumph: The George Shultz Years

  84. Victoria's Chance

  85. The Ultimate Resource

  86. How Drake's Well Saved the Whales--Winning Ideas Weekend 2009

  87. The Power of the Poor

  88. Pennies A Day

  89. The Power Of Choice Preview

  90. Free To Choose 1990 : Volume One (Hong Kong)

  91. The Ultimate Resource Preview

  92. Talking Free Trade--Winning Ideas Weekend 2008