1. Defining Men as Pedophiles

  2. Purging Males from Government

  3. Democrats and Republicans

  4. Let California Slip into the Ocean

  5. Michelle Obama Deserves a Salary!

  6. Woody Allen Sucks!

  7. The State versus the Individual

  8. Fat Female Olympians (Oppression!)

  9. Women's Topless Fight for Equality!

  10. Straight White Men and an Australian Mangina

  11. Taxing Olympians?

  12. Mother Arrested over Threesome!

  13. She's the Boss!

  14. MRAs Question Chivalry (Hate!)

  15. Female Zero Responsibility Tour!

  16. Producing Male Losers

  17. Hairy Leg Chick Profiling

  18. Pericles' Funeral Oration

  19. Screw Guilt!

  20. American Oration

  21. Feminist Olympics

  22. The Pay Gap Myth

  23. Boys are Girls at Oxford

  24. Octomom Broke! Send Cash

  25. Girls Held Back by Boys in Math

  26. Father Disciplines Best!

  27. Blame Everyone!

  28. Government Destroys Another Business

  29. Support Chick-fil-A!

  30. Moron Yuppie

  31. Women Can't Commit Adultery!

  32. Are Males the Loser Sex?

  33. Wives Rape Man to Death

  34. James Bond: PC Outlaw

  35. Feminist Icon: Sally Ride

  36. Chicks Loving the New Psycho!

  37. The Obama Economy

  38. Trickle Down Tyranny

  39. Mangina I-Blow Hates Whitey

  40. The Pity Party

  41. Anita Hill: Feminist Icon

  42. Tea-bagging the Tea Party

  43. Selling Stupid!

  44. I Was Right!

  45. Feminist Victimized by MRA Comment!

  46. The Colorado Shooting and Guns

  47. Woman Keeps Dead Man as Pet

  48. Criticism is Not Hate II

  49. Boy Scouts Stand Up to Gays

  50. V Power! Yahoo CEO

  51. Fifty Shades of Mangina!

  52. More Women=Better Leadership!

  53. Stripper Steals $3.25M from Ex-Husband! (Empowerment)

  54. Cloward and Piven Hate the Poor

  55. Men's Rights is Hate!

  56. The Sick Leftist Mind

  57. Democracy Never!

  58. Chick-cession: Men Roaring Back!

  59. Women are Smarter!

  60. US Navy Removes Urinals

  61. Feminists Make Better Lovers!

  62. Girl Gets Whacked Playing Gangster

  63. The Higher Education Bubble

  64. Let Joe Paterno Rest in Peace

  65. The Worker State

  66. Socialism and Communism

  67. Title IX Extended to Science

  68. Barack Obama: Material Girl

  69. Guy Arrested for Squirting Sauce

  70. The Obamas: Rich Fatcats

  71. Leftist MRA Poseurs

  72. The Woman's Vote: Left vs. Right

  73. Cabbie Sues Over Sexual Assault Lie

  74. Men's Rights is on the Right

  75. Partying Excused by Rape Allegations

  76. Bald Men Make Better BFs (P-Beggary!)

  77. Are Muscles Sexist?

  78. The Great Destroyer

  79. Marxist Mumbo-Jumbo

  80. Liberalism

  81. Feminist Fatboy's Evil MRA Ambush

  82. White Knight Frees Felonious Mother (Standard)

  83. She's Not a "She" (Oppression!)

  84. Domestic Violence Shelter for Men?

  85. Suicide and "Reconstructing Masculinity"

  86. Socialist Idiots

  87. The Socialist Papers

  88. Demi Moore Ruined by Males!

  89. Sweden: "Only Women Count"

  90. Occupy Clowns Throw Money Away

  91. Evil Male Frames Innocent Woman

  92. Woman Freed After Hiring Hitman (Social Justice!)

  93. Date Her, Please!

  94. Feminism=Elitists Trashing Muslims

  95. Democrat Racists

  96. The Power to Destroy

  97. Are Women too Bossy?

  98. 8 Secret Male Insecurities

  99. My Country, 'Tis of Thee