1. guess what, gas prices in california already at $6

  2. what happens when gas prices hit $8 a gallon ???

  3. everyone with a brain knows the REAL unemployment numbers are approx 20% or more

  4. dems not happy with obama's performance

  5. Was Obama rattled by developing donor scandal story?

  6. obama's loss blamed on denver's altitude....al gore is such a fat pig of a moron

  7. was Gaddafi murdered because of monies given to obama & clinton

  8. romney kicked obama's butt

  9. romney is the man you want to fix your car

  10. so how about nothing bad being said about God and Christianity

  11. sarkozy ordered Gaddafi murdered to cover up secret info

  12. get a load of this voter fraud in minnesota

  13. what will America will look like in 2015 or 2020 / laura ingraham says start over

  14. why you should vote and why Romney

  15. the Green Resistance is on the move in Libya

  16. God gave obama a good mind

  17. i want to see this woman defending drunks now...lol

  18. who really killed chris stevens

  19. breaking news: obama admits to everything in private interview

  20. the truth about bain capital and why we need open voting

  21. cnn gets some blowback from state department

  22. these people truly do want a world war

  23. obama defended slum lord who turned off heat

  24. obama is so gay...look at these pics

  25. these people have mislead us on everything

  26. some people really should be on a police force

  27. h stern once again shows how dumb obama supporters are

  28. obama will shut down the coal industry and all other industries

  29. this is what a judge in Texas had to say

  30. there is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel about this government

  31. we do not want a civil war

  32. here's more proof that he's gay

  33. this is what QE3 really means

  34. this is how the insurgents treat their prisoners in Syria

  35. glenn beck is back on tv

  36. the world economy is truly on the skids

  37. all mitt said is what millions of people say everyday

  38. black pastors say stay home/ Israel prepares for war???

  39. simply put, Tim Tebow needs to start for some team

  40. michael savage sees the truth about what Muammar Gadaffi stated

  41. the return of President Poop....LOL

  42. did obama & clinton set Chris Stevens up to be killed? a pic from Arab media( warning)

  43. is obama bisexual??? YES he is!!!!

  44. George Carlin knew this: some liberals are waking up to it

  45. normal, healthy minded people would never do these things

  46. we have another KILLER germ

  47. moron obama sent a gay man as ambassador to muslim country

  48. a message to women and ALL koolaid drinkers of both parties

  49. what if he had made an anti Christian film???

  50. it's ok to be anti Christian, but....

  51. were they after Prince Harry

  52. the bear hug was scripted/ the military is simply following orders

  53. when you go against the powerful, be prepared

  54. I would love to hear these people in an open and honest discussion

  55. this is how they REALLY made their money

  56. this is what happened to a man who owned 2 ranches in Arizona

  57. was bin laden given to obama

  58. is this the war the obama regime needs to stay in power???

  59. hey barack, nothing to say about Egypt???

  60. HELLO obama: you , sarkozy, and cameron put al-qaeda into power

  61. 25 congressman dead and hollywood director and family slain

  62. this never happened when Kadaffi was in power

  63. so many people live in a fantasy world

  64. the obama regime pressures pollsters and media

  65. the pizza owner just proved how "politcally" stupid he is

  66. barack's wealthy friends are having to pony up more money

  67. they kept bin laden alive until....

  68. I Martin Brodel approve of this message

  69. Please meet President Poop

  70. he'll destroy France

  71. HELLO!!! the nation is INDEED in DECLINE

  72. being a racist is what the elites want

  73. adults had to know about the kids fighting

  74. let's be honest, nothing good is going to happen until....

  75. there is NO FREE LUNCH!!!

  76. bill clinton says give obama another chance to destroy the country

  77. so now where do the atheists and gays go???

  78. what kind of idot would want to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance

  79. our debt is going over 16 trillion....do you really need to know anything else???

  80. the world has lost a very special man today

  81. our media has been brainwashing us for years

  82. we can no longer accept excuses

  83. just got back home from eye surgery

  84. I'm off to surgery: see you again on Sunday

  85. axlerod has bought millions of twitter followers for puppet obama & Rand still prefers his dad

  86. can we just make a citizens arrest on this government?

  87. just blowing off steam: obama is SO DUMB!!!

  88. another judge who needs not to be a judge

  89. we're broke and bleeding profusely!!!

  90. I'll bet both these kids belonged in prison

  91. there were eye witnesses to him shooting up

  92. who cares about Romney's investents: what about the 3 gay men murdered who had affairs with obama

  93. honestly, like we didn't know who would win in a half-way honest election

  94. we have been in a recession for at least 4 years

  95. we never know what will happen

  96. it doesn't take a genius to figure this one out

  97. they want welfare to break this country

  98. lots more people having their doubts about birth origin and even the daddy

  99. "dictator obama" is dodging the press and their questions