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  1. Kendall & Kylie Jenner -- JAILBAIT ALERT!

  2. Cash Out -- The "Ratchet" Debate

  3. Justin Bieber Gets KNOCKED OUT!

  4. Lamar Odom -- Kris Jenner Is NOT My Momager-in-Law

  5. Blake Griffin Supports the Thunder!

  6. Michelle Williams -- Destiny's Child Care

  7. A New Career Opportunity for Terrell Owens

  8. Jessica Simpson -- Professional Fat Person -- Weight Watchers Spokesperson

  9. Justin Bieber Causes CHAOS in Norway

  10. Aretha Franklin's Fitness Regimen Revealed!

  11. Rob Thomas Sparks TMZ Musical War -- Willie Nelson

  12. Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" Releases TERRIBLE New Single -- "How The F%#k We Gettin' Home?!"

  13. Chris Brown -- Most Talented Performer IN THE WORLD!?

  14. Bethenny Frankel -- Dog Poop Plastic Bag Ban Dilemma

  15. Mark Zuckerberg's CHEAPSKATE Tip

  16. Kim Kardashian Gets ROBBED by Luggage Thieves!

  17. Francesca Eastwood BURNS $100k Birkin Bag!

  18. Kim Kardashian & the Publicist from HELL!

  19. Mark Zuckerberg -- The Italian Honeymoon

  20. Bikini Round Up -- Memorial Day Edition

  21. Britney Spears & Simon Cowell's "X Factor" Message to Harvey

  22. Justin Bieber Whoops a Photographer's A**!

  23. Steven Tyler -- JLo 'Doesn't Know' If She's Coming Back to 'American Idol'

  24. Chris Jericho Almost Starts a RIOT in Brazil

  25. Kris Allen: Time to Pull the Plug on 'Idol'

  26. Malia Obama One Direction Concert -- Can YOU Spot the Secret Service?

  27. MUGSHOT MANIA!!! -- J.R. Smith, Amber Portwood & Jenna Jameson

  28. Porn Stars: Bill Clinton Wanted to Meet US!

  29. Did Britney Spears Have an 'X Factor' Meltdown!?

  30. OJ Simpson's Chauffeur -- NEW Car Mystery

  31. Couple Gets Engaged on the TMZ TOUR!

  32. Reef Girls -- The Greatest Butts on the Planet!

  33. Emmy Rossum -- Virgin Talk -- Olympic Runner LoLo Jones

  34. Pauly D -- The ULTIMATE Diss to Deadmau5

  35. Bill Clinton -- Chillin' with PORN STARS!

  36. "America's Got Talent" Contortionist -- Workin' the Streets!

  37. 'Spinal Tap' Star Michael McKean -- Crushed by Car ... and Still Grasping for iPhone

  38. Debbie Gibson & Tia Carrere NAKED!

  39. 2 Chainz ARRESTED for Brass Knuckles

  40. Zac Efron Pulls a UNABOMBER

  41. Snoop Dogg Tells the BEST JOKE EVER...

  42. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, & Tara Reid REUNITED on Diddy's Yacht!

  43. James Bond is a SELL OUT!!! -- Heineken Skyfall Deal

  44. Mark Zuckerberg -- The SIMPLE Ruby Wedding Ring

  45. Tracy Morgan -- The Hairy Nipple Debate

  46. Dog Chapman's Show Gets EUTHANIZED

  47. Rob Lowe -- Ready to Take On Casey Anthony

  48. DJ Pauly D RIPPED by Deadmau5

  49. Van Halen -- 'Exhaustion' Claims MORE Victims

  50. Michael Jackson's Burnt Hair -- FOR SALE!

  51. Kate Upton vs. Lindsay Lohan -- The Ultimate Boob Bounce Off

  52. Nicholas Cage -- One Proud Papa

  53. Timothy Busfield Gets Grabby & in Trouble

  54. Elin Nordegren & Ashely Olsen -- Bikini Weekend

  55. Jillian Michaels: Don't Do the Master Cleanse!!!

  56. Mark Zuckerberg Gets Married After IPO to Priscilla Chan

  57. TMZ Solar Eclipse Madness 2012!

  58. Miley Cyrus -- All Grown Up & HOT!

  59. Irish Soccer Star -- Goin' NUMBER TWO at the White House?

  60. Pam Anderson -- Boozy Lapdancing on Sunset Blvd

  61. The Real Housewives of MEXCIO CITY!?

  62. Elke the Stallion -- God's Gift to A** Fans

  63. 'Hangover' Monkey Flies First FRIGGIN' Class!?

  64. Charley Koontz -- MOVIE THEATRE SEX!!!

  65. Kim or Kanye -- The ULTIMATE Popularity Contest

  66. Facebook -- America's DORKIEST Millionaires!

  67. '50 Shades of Grey' Spikes Sex Toy Industry

  68. Pam Anderson's Boozy Lap Dance [VIDEO]

  69. Bai Ling -- Flauntin' Guns on the Street!

  70. RIP Donna Summer -- One Last Dance

  71. Miss Globe: I'm BETTER Than Miss Universe!

  72. Snooki-a-like Gets KICKED in the Face [VIDEO]

  73. Chris Hemsworth -- Rollin' in the Dough

  74. Josh Hutcherson's Broken Nose Mystery

  75. Dr. Oz -- SUPER EXCITED by Pasta

  76. Manny Pacquiao FLIP FLOPS on Gay Rights

  77. Kim Kardashian Hocked BOGUS Shape-ups Shoes!

  78. Sylvester Stallone Caught Up in Vatican Mystery

  79. Stevie Wonder: I Want to Work for TMZ!

  80. "Battleship" Director Peter Berg HAMMERS Israeli Reporter

  81. President Obama on "The View" -- Kardashian Family FANATIC!

  82. Howard Stern on "America's Got Talent" -- Penis Jokes GALORE!

  83. Britney Spears on "X Factor" -- A Bloody Nail-biter

  84. Simon Cowell Not Worried About Britney Melting Down

  85. Johnny Depp's Japanese Twin

  86. Rapper B.o.B -- What's His Name?

  87. Tyson Beckford: My Sex Tape SUCKS!

  88. The Queen's Royal Panties -- FOR SALE!

  89. Tanning Mom: I'd TOTALLY Get Naked in Playboy!

  90. Jamie Lynne Grumet -- TIME's Breastfeeding Mom

  91. Britney Spears -- Set Up for a MELTDOWN on X-Factor?

  92. Britney Spears in NYC for 'X Factor' Announcement

  93. 'Today's Voice' Winner -- How NOT to Tape African-Americans

  94. Serena Williams: I'm a Rapper Now!

  95. Kris Humphries: I'm a HUGE D-BAG!

  96. How to Break BAD NEWS to a 'Real Housewife'

  97. Beach Boys Singer: Obama's a Socialist A-Hole!

  98. Mel Gibson -- Partyin' with SEXY Supermodels!

  99. Obama/Clooney Fundraiser -- Did Barrack Get WASTED?