1. I Miss You (Original Acoustic Guitar Song)

  2. Game Of Love ( Cleofe - Original )

  3. Celebrating Skye's 4th Bday

  4. Fix You By Coldplay (Acoustic Cover)

  5. One Day At A Time

  6. Why Lie (original GarageBand Song)

  7. You Occupy My Mind (an Original )

  8. LoveSong(GarageBand Cover By Cleofe)

  9. Wonderwall by Oasis (Cover by Cleofe)

  10. You Are My Song (Original)

  11. Rain (an original song made On GarageBand)

  12. Mother and Daughter ( A Ballad )

  13. Sky Is Blue (an Original Lullaby By Cleofe)

  14. Life Worth Living (original GarageBand Song by Cleofe)

  15. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That

  16. My lovely kids

  17. The Scientist by Coldplay using GarageBand on the IPad

  18. Another Beautiful Day

  19. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber (Aizza Cover)

  20. You Are My Song (an original by Cleofe) Garageband for Ipad

  21. Rhythm Nation

  22. Breaking Dawn Sound Track - Acoustic Version (Thousand Years)

  23. Promises (an original song by Cleofe) Garageband for iPad

  24. Skyler playing Harmonica at 2yrs old

  25. Aizza learning Someone Like You in 2 days

  26. Only Exception by Paramore (Cover by Cleofe)

  27. Aizza Ziplining at Embarcadero, SF

  28. Arms by Christina Perri - Cover by Cleofe

  29. Skye at Golden Gate Park

  30. Imagine-by John Lennon (Cleofe's Version)

  31. Aizza Rose Feeding Fish

  32. Baby doing pull ups with sister

  33. WSPA Pre-Competition Man with a Hex 2011

  34. Almost Lover by Fine Frenzy (Aizza Rose's Version @8 yrs old)

  35. Aizza Rose's Cart Wheel

  36. Aizza Rose watching Music and Lyrics