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Vincent Van Gogh - Paul Gauguin - Leonardo Da Vinci ( hidden images )

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Published on Jan 24, 2010

Do You See What I See ? Youtube Video List ( short videos )
My Discoveries of Hidden Images in Vincent Van Gogh Paintings
Artist Dennis Pelliccia

Paul Gauguin - Man in a Red Beret

Arles 1 Dec. 1888

Corner in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital, A
May 1889 Saint-Remy

Painting 609

Vincent's Women in Black ?

Hidden image discovered by Toni Donelow Stewart
date - April 11- 2004

Vincent writes - date - August 26th, 1876

Did I ever tell you about that picture by Boughton - The Pilgrim's Progress ? It is towards evening. A sandy path leads over the hills to a mountain on which one can see the Holy City, lit by the sunsetting red behind the grey evening clouds. On the path, a pilgrim onhis way to the city. He is already tired and asks a woman in black who is standing on the path and whose name is Sorrowful yet always rejoicing.

Does the road go uphill then all the way?
Yes to the very end.

And will the journey take all day long?
From morn till night, my friend.

The landscape through which the path runs is very beautiful, brown
heathland with birches and pine trees here and there and patches of
yellow sand, and in the distance the mountains against the sun. Truly it is not a picture but an inspiration.


Vincent writes - date - October 31 - 1876

On the road walks a pilgrim, staff in hand. He has been walking for a good long while already and he is very tired. And now he meets a woman or figure in black that makes one think of St. Paul's word: As being sorrowful yet always rejoicing. That Angel of God has been placed there to encourage the pilgrims and to answer their questions.


Notice leg and boot images - two heads being stumped on in this painting as in Vincent's other painting A Corner in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital

Vincent van Gogh hidden imagery - Corner In The Garden Of Saint-Paul
Hospital, A
May 1889

In the right bottom corner of this painting - B&W
photo copy-color applied) - are - Symblolic Images - of a boot treading on
two bearded men which I believe to be images of Vincent and Theo, an
expression painted by Vincent to illustrate how they the towns people
were stomping on them unjustly. In letter 580

Letter 580http://www.vggallery.com/letters/comb...

Vincent uses the word tread.

Haystacks near a Farm

Arles 12-13 June 1888

Notice leg and boot, also, the two circle figures figures - The man asking the woman in Black about the road uphill ?
This painting may be the first of hidden images, date - June 12-13 1888 Arles.

Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci

B&W photo copy of drawing, taken from a book.

Hidden figure brought out

Colors added to bring out figure

Old Woman of Arles 1888

By Paul Gauguin

Gauguin's face in bush

Black and white photo copy, colors applied to express facial features.

My Discoveries of hidden images in Vincent van Gogh's paintings

Van Gogh Museum

Vincent Van Gogh Gallery

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

MoMa / The Museum of Modern Art

Artist Dennis Pelliccia
http://sites.google.com/site/artistde... ferryboat2@gmail.com

MoMa Starry Night

Landscape with the Temptation of Saint Anthony, Roelandt Savery

Pocket Vacations: Amsterdam - The Van Gogh Museum

Thank you Van Gogh Museum / June 14, 2012 / Facebook Post http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbi...

Van Gogh's Last Supper

Do you see what I see ? # 3 Vincent Van Gogh's Journey - The Road Uphill

Michelangelo's fresco painting technique demonstration from a NOVA episode

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