1. Starrett's Birthday Party - The Dance Portion

  2. The Last Stand of Frosty and Muldoon

  3. Southerns Driving in the Snow! Run for Your Lives!

  4. Fake snow? Southern Winter 2014

  5. Under The Dome with Steve Baldwin

  6. Whistle Register - My Highest Notes and How I Got Them

  7. 99¢ Kombat [Amiga Game Longplay] 99 Cent Special

  8. Ho Ho No Snow

  9. Mr Chipps is enjoying a fine December day

  10. Breyers "Frozen Dairy Dessert" is not Ice Cream, it doesn't even melt!

  11. Ginosaji Loose Downtown

  12. Sphynx and Mr Chipps Happy Together

  13. Sphynx Can Smell Greens From a Distance

  14. Fighting a Wall: I can play piano... and now it's gone

  15. Blind Boy Chocoloate & The Milk Sheiks

  16. 99¢ Special - Pumped (Video Preview) - 99 Cent Special

  17. Tiny dog getting bullied by rabbit

  18. Morn.

  19. Cute Cat Kicking His Own Face

  20. Chad the Firewalker

  21. Working Outdoors Jan 24th

  22. Goodbye Park Street House

  23. House on Fire!!! Cats on Fire!!!

  24. Karaoke Exit: New Year's Day with Sparkles

  25. Ow, my back. Moving over 24 hours.

  26. Karaoke Exit: The Love Boat Theme

  27. Top O The Mountain - Beyond the Kalawahine Trail

  28. Karaoke Exit: Always Something There to Remind Me

  29. Scenic Outlook Overlooking Manana (Rabbit) Island, Oahu, Hawaii

  30. Rabbit (Manana) Island from Scenic Lookout

  31. Watching Someone Hang Gliding near Rabbit Island, Oahu, Hawaii (HD)

  32. Driving by Bunny Island (Manana) watching Hang Gliding

  33. Karaoke Laryngitis: Electric Avenue and Charlie Dancing

  34. Karaoke Exit: There is a Light that Never Goes Out by The Smiths

  35. I love November.

  36. Karaoke Exit: Laid by James

  37. Trolling at the Mall (Stabilized)

  38. Karaoke Exit: Halloween Edition: White Wedding

  39. Karaoke Exit: Halloween Edition: Flesh for Fantasy

  40. Karaoke Exit: Halloween Edition: Rebel Yell

  41. At Least Nommers Loves Me.

  42. Bunny running up stairs

  43. Mr Chipps is my buddy.

  44. Browncoat Karaoke: Charlie & Ariel - Stop Dragging My Heart Around

  45. Karaoke Exit: Piano Man by Billy Joel

  46. I'm damn hungry.

  47. The Haunting - CHICKEN! My Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book

  48. Mega Vibration Makes the Cat Toys Go Crazy

  49. My favorite overpasses in Virginia - Rollercoaster

  50. Funny Hair Flurry! Driving with my hair out the sunroof

  51. Inside of a Scitex Smart 340L scanner

  52. Disgusting. Don't watch this. Cats eating yuck.

  53. Ensoniq KT-88 Test Run - Classic Synthesizer Workstation

  54. Testing the 720p video on the Infuse 4G Smartphone

  55. Karaoke Exit - Maneater by Hall & Oates

  56. Tim & Leila's Wedding - Leila's Hula Dance

  57. Karaoke Exit - Come Sail Away by Styx

  58. 99¢ Special - O.K.? Aren't Wee? (Live in Syracuse, NY 1995) 99 Cent Special

  59. If I Only Had a Brain at the 99 House

  60. The Legend of Bruce Bill Biff Butch Bubba Baldwin

  61. Best Part of Waking Up - Folgers Coffee Commerical

  62. Karaoke Exit: Under The Boardwalk by The Drifters

  63. Karaoke Exit: Look of Love by ABC

  64. Karaoke Exit: Surrender at the Browncoat

  65. Karaoke Exit: Rebel Yell at the Browncoat

  66. Trolling at the Mall

  67. Me Signing Karaoke - A-ha's Take Me On

  68. First Daytime Ride with GoPro HD Hero

  69. Not Important

  70. One Cent Left - But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?

  71. Be Cool - One Cent Left?

  72. Torgo at the Halloween Party

  73. Golden Silk Orb-Weaver / Banana Spider - Our Front Porch Pet

  74. Vegetarian/Vegan Moving Survival Cooking Show: Tortillas

  75. DR Black Beauties - Black Guitar Strings on Flat Black SG

  76. 99¢ Special - Dying For - Live 1996 (99 Cent Special)

  77. 99¢ Special - Shirtkiller Live Video (99 cent Special)