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Where's the BEST DRINK at?

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Published on May 10, 2012

I performed this poem at Love Jones in the Locatelli Center at Santa Clara University on April 12th. It's a message flowing from my heart and college experience, thanks for listening :). Isaiah 55:1,6.

Last time I rhymed about going deeper
About peering past appearance into the heart of people
And in search of my own heart and others
There's some things I've seen and discovered

I went to a party a little while back
It was fun & lively, I had some nice chats
But as I walked back to my dorm
I felt more lost, empty, & longing for more
I wanted to connect and make new friends
But was left feeling distant and lonely instead

Lots of us are hurting, not as many are healing
Lots of us are thirsty, not as many are drinking
Well, wait, lots of us are drinking, but I'm talking about the heart right?
Alcohol is thrilling, but not internally fulfilling
And I wonder whether anyone ever feels the same
Do you feel frustrated by how quickly these pleasures go away?
And alcohols is common because we're high school or college youth
But it can be any pleasure, whether an orgasm, spending money, or junk food
I'm not attacking these physical things, within proper context they are great
And sometimes these pleasures are for clean fun, but I don't think that's always the case
Cuz when we chase them or use pleasures just to escape from our heart problems, we become a slave

Cuz that thrill, that sensation is so attractive
It keeps us going back and easily becomes our master
I think we can all relate to feeling like a slave, bounded by some chains
These chains could be busyness or a bad relation, a horrible habit or hard situation
This life seems to tie us up, and we often look for freedom in a red cup
But drunkenness takes away our control, and jades what was beautiful
Turning to drunkenness we become enslaved
It's a master that takes our dignity away

I'm no heavy drinker, but I have other chains
Like how I'm tied to the approval of others, and paralyzed by fear and discomfort

So I want freedom, MY SOUL WANTS FREEDOM, so who will let me free
Things that please me physically often cover up & don't solve internal pain in me

I feel like lots of us are wandering with the masses,
Our hearts hungry, thirsty, unsure of what to follow or practice
We want something to teach us, lead us, guide us, and to feed us.

And drunkenness, what type of a master is that when we're hurting,
It's like diet soda for the soul, initially sweet but unfulfilling leaving the stomach churning
But we keep consuming cuz we're longing and that's all we know
But I have found a better master, leading to freedom and a better place to go

My master frees my chains through love & grace
My master doesn't dig into my wrists, but gives me an embrace
He does not deceive me by giving selfish pleasure that's fleeting
He does not tell me to numb the pain and cover up my chains
He only asks me to humble myself and ask for help, to be true and honest
Because he says when I accept he loves me, my chains will be broken, that's His promise
He asks me not to close off my heart, but let it be vulnerable & open
Even though it isn't immediately fixed, he gives gradual healing to hope in

Like, you know when you have a really real conversation where you lay it all out to a close friend?
And afterward it feels so free because you got it off your chest?
Well, that's every day with my new master, he breaks my chains and gives new life
My master said he's the good shepherd, he's liberty to the captives, he's Jesus Christ

The freedom I've found in Christ is to know that I am truly loved
Whether popular or awkward, scared or bold, put together or all messed up
The only prerequisite Jesus asks for is humility and faith that He is a good master
Jesus said All who are thirsty, come to me and drink living water, & you'll thirst no more
He was talking about our heart and spirit, he serves refreshments for the soul
The temporary fleeting pleasures in this world don't compare to God's deeper joy
It's like God's got a Beemer in the driveway, but we're in our room playing with a hot wheels toy

I'm not trying to pound dogma down your throat
This is only what I have seen and what I know
It's easy to settle for what's comfortable & common,
but God has greater things for me that He has promised
Like there's so much MORE,
Don't sell yourself short

All I know is that I am tired, all I know is that it's true
That this love that I found, can also be for you
So when this life leaves me parched and panting, tired, dying for a drink
I choose a different bottle, not from the rocky mountain cold, but God's everlasting spring

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