1. Building the Eat Your Kimchi Studio

  2. Spudgy Gets His Mohawk Fixed

  3. Kitten Sleeping in Your Hands

  4. Kitten Ready for a Walk

  5. Kitten Attacks Camera

  6. Dry Towel Coins

  7. Milkmaid Braids Hair Tutorial

  8. Super Cute Bunny iPhone Case!

  9. Kitten Nibbles Ears

  10. Scottish Fold Kitten Playing with String

  11. Manic Panic Pink Hair Dye Tutorial

  12. Scottish Fold Kitten Sleeping

  13. Korean Super Smart Anti-Shopping-Bags

  14. Cute Scottish Fold Kitten Plays with Straps

  15. Cute Scottish Fold Kitten Nibbles a Box

  16. What Kpop Special Edition CDs look like

  17. Korean Watermelon Holders

  18. Spudgy vs Yodelling Pickle

  19. Hot Pink and Black Eyeshadow Tutorial: Goth Hello Kitty

  20. Custom Made Shoes in Korea

  21. Our New Robot Vacuum Wants to Eat Our Dog, Spudgy

  22. How to Curl Your Hair Using a T-shirt!

  23. Open the Happy Fan Mail!

  24. Spudgy Trying to Bury a Bone

  25. Faking Filming During an Interview

  26. Ranch Overdose

  27. Xiah Junsu: Kiss and Touch Me, Rub My Bananas

  28. Spudgy's After Bath Crazies

  29. Lilo & Stitch Phone Case

  30. 2NE1's "Lonely" Shower Singing

  31. Wolverine Eye Shadow Makeup Tutorial: GIRLVERINE!!!

  32. What Makeup Does Martina Use?