1. "Anak", In Japanese by the Lettermen & "My Funny Valentine"

  2. The Lettermen 1968 TV "Going Out of My Head / Can't Take My Eyes off You" WIth Dancers

  3. Gary Pike & Family after The Lettermen, See: reunionthesingingroup.com

  4. Jim Pike & Family after The Lettermen, See: reunionthesingingroup.com

  5. Donny Pike & Family after The Lettermen

  6. The Lettermen, "You Light Up My Life" "More" "You Needed Me"

  7. The Lettermen, Send In the Clowns, Hurt so Bad, Put Your Head on My Shoulder,Shangri La

  8. The Lettermen, "Music In the Air/I Got the Music In Me", "Sweet Caroline", "Mac Arthur Park"

  9. The Lettermen, Cherish / Precious & Few, Maria, You Are the Woman/Still the One

  10. The Lettermen, More, The Way you Look tonight, Summer Place, When I fall In Love,Your Smiling Face

  11. The Lettermen, During Maria a funny interuption during concert..

  12. The Lettermen sing National Anthem's, 1980 World Series Philadelphia & Kansas City game 5

  13. The Lettermen sing on The Toni Tennille Show of The Captain and Tennille

  14. The Lettermen (1980) on the Jerry Lewis /MDA Telethon with Ed Mc Mahon

  15. The Lettermen of old, Jim & Gary Pike as REUNION do Heartlight/Over the Rainbow (a cappella)

  16. Reunion Sing Their Lettermen Hits, Jim & Gary Pike + Ric de Azevedo

  17. The Lettermen Pt 2, Donny's cooking segment. Very Funny !!

  18. The Lettermen do each vocal part to "When I Fall In Love" a cappella on TV

  19. The Lettermen on TV sing "I BELIEVE" A Cappella 1979