1. Messy Mondays: My Smart Phone Made Me Stupid

  2. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You

  3. Messy Mondays: Seven Lies about Homeschoolers

  4. Messy Mondays: Proof That Jesus Loves Tim Tebow!

  5. Messy Mondays: "Like" vs. "Love"

  6. Messy Mondays: Did You Get Everything You Wanted?

  7. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman Is Real, Santa Is Fake

  8. Messy Mondays: Stupid Stuff People Do on the Internet

  9. Messy Mondays: Ten Ways to Get Girls to Like You

  10. Messy Mondays: The One About Missions Trips

  11. Blimey Cow: HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT 3

  12. Messy Mondays: The Truth about Youth Group

  13. Messy Mondays: The Three Types of Churches

  14. Messy Mondays: Why I Hate Going to the Movies


  16. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman Vs. Halloween

  17. Messy Mondays: What They Don't Teach You in College

  18. Messy Mondays: Things I Wish I Could Forget

  19. Messy Mondays: Stupid Cheater People

  20. Messy Mondays: Facebook Changes Things!

  21. Messy Mondays: Lions and Zombies and Girls, Oh My!

  22. Messy Mondays: Who Would Jesus Date?

  23. Messy Mondays: New School Year

  24. Everybody Hates Batman: Don't Make "The Dark Knight Rises"

  25. Everybody Hates Batman: Batman vs. The Impostor

  26. Blimey Cow: Pudding Cookies

  27. Blimey Cow: HEALTHY KID FREAK OUT 2


  29. Jordan's Messyges: Keep Your Promises

  30. Blimey Cow: Jordan's Words of Wisdom

  31. Jordan's Messyges: "Quit While You're Ahead"

  32. Jordan's Messyges: "Get to Know God"

  33. Jordan's Messyges: "Don't Be an Indie Elitist"

  34. Everybody Hates Batman: "Don't Wear Hockey Pants"

  35. Jordan's Messyges: "Doesn't Make Videos in the Summer"

  36. Blimey Cow: Stocks and Bonds

  37. Jordan's Messyges: "Don't Name Your Band Something Dumpy"

  38. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep12): "Exes, Woes, and Cats"

  39. Jordan's Messyges: "Celebrate Jesus Day"

  40. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep10): "Thanksgiving's Weak End"

  41. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep9): "Our Sister, My Brother"

  42. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep8): "College 2"

  43. Blimey Cow: Cool

  44. Jordan's Messyges: "Listen to God's Chosen"

  45. Blimey Cow: Racism

  46. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 5

  47. Jordan's Messyges: "Take Advantage of Text Messyging"

  48. Blimey Cow: The League

  49. Blimey Cow: The Power

  50. Jordan's Messyges: "Don't Mess with God's Chosen"

  51. Blimey Cow: The Lunatic

  52. Jordan's Messyges: "Don't Be a Typical Teenager"

  53. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep7): "The Fans"

  54. Jordan's Messyges: "Stay in Touch with Your Relatives"

  55. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep6): "God"

  56. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep5): "The Boyfriend"

  57. Blimey Cow: Adam Is Blind

  58. Blimey Cow: Everybody's Happy

  59. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 4

  60. Blimey Cow: Voodoo Love

  61. Blimey Cow: The Conversion

  62. Blimey Cow: The Hike

  63. Blimey Cow: The Jump

  64. Blimey Cow: Cardhouse

  65. Blimey Cow: Dealing with Kyle

  66. Jordan's Messyges: "Live Life, or Leave"

  67. Blimey Cow: Halloween

  68. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep4): "Jordan's Girlfriend"

  69. Jordan's Messyges: "Jordan's Hair"

  70. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 3

  71. Blimey Cow: Dinner

  72. Blimey Cow: Number Twenty Nine

  73. Jordan's Messyges: "Florida and Fear"

  74. A Fun Day: When We Did Improv

  75. Blimey Cow: Jon the Miracle

  76. Jordan's Messyges: Dumbbells and Chick Flicks

  77. Blimey Cow: Sould

  78. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep3): "The Comment"

  79. Blimey Cow: The Con

  80. Blimey Cow: Bloopers 2

  81. Blimey Cow: The Mystery

  82. Blimey Cow: Outlet

  83. Blimey Cow: Bullies

  84. Blimey Cow: The Lumberjack

  85. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep2): "College"

  86. Blimey Cow: April Fool's Day

  87. Blimey Cow: Zack's Birthday

  88. Blimey Cow: New Neighbors

  89. Blimey Cow: Delayed Vision

  90. Blimey Cow: King Barry

  91. Blimey Cow: Valentine's Day

  92. Brother-Brother Time (S1-Ep1): "The Walk"

  93. Blimey Cow: The Coconut

  94. Blimey Cow: Lying

  95. Blimey Cow: Phone

  96. Blimey Cow: The Bass and Me

  97. Blimey Cow: The Trees

  98. Blimey Cow: Piano Notes