1. Dash is back

  2. My Q and A with Lucas overby for congress (Florida district 13)

  3. Right to work laws.

  4. Solutions to hunger

  5. Americans act for peace and freedom

  6. Teenage rapper like me getting locked up for lyrics about the gov't and the bombimng

  7. Was his namo

  8. Get on Skype With Jake/Dash

  9. 2 things

  10. Dash-1492 rap

  11. The original oratory I did at my debate tournaments

  12. Dash speaks-Mitt Romney

  13. Dash-What's the deal

  14. practicing an acapella song

  15. RE:album news

  16. Practicing an unfinished song

  17. Dash speaks -Marijuana

  18. Dash speaks the boyblue

  19. Possible contest prize


  21. Re:the right to vote

  22. Dash-self control

  23. Another video where we talk about stuff

  24. Me and my homeboy talking about stuff

  25. Shoutout to jedj205 and yungstasweets

  26. last time practicing "self control" on camera 1

  27. practicing it again

  28. Practicing a song

  29. Shoutout to horrorcase's new channel

  30. Dash speaks-2012 presidential election

  31. shoutout and props to Shyko95 and the dislikekingz

  32. Dash-Taboo (lyrics by shyko95)

  33. HBD horrorcase419

  34. Dash speaks-Joseph Kony and invisible children

  35. Give me a topic

  36. Album news

  37. Auto-tune : Yes, no , or heck no

  38. Fatmanjersey wil you be on this song with us

  39. Kidmurda's putting out a mixtape soon

  40. What I got for my birthday

  41. My Bday's on the 18th

  42. Keelo Records

  43. Shoutout to arsinimusic

  44. Practicing my unfinished song

  45. Wasn't really going to quit rapping and will undoubtebly continue making videos

  46. Explanation of my user name

  47. Dash tries fast rapping

  48. Shoutout and props to kubesthamuse

  49. dash-Time Machine

  50. Update