1. What is BenchFly?

  2. BenchFly Public Service Announcement.mov

  3. How to Work-up a reaction

  4. How to wetpack a Column

  5. How to Calibrate Pipettors

  6. How to Pour and Run an Agarose Gel

  7. CAM staining TLC plates

  8. Tip for loading many gel samples quickly

  9. PCR tube labeling tip

  10. How to keep a rotovap dry

  11. How to clean a rotovap

  12. Homemade ice scoop

  13. How to reduce bumping on the rotovap

  14. A great silica gel dispenser

  15. How to weigh out small amounts

  16. How to keep a clean water bath

  17. Make your own rapid ligase

  18. How to make an old-fashioned

  19. An introduction to sterile technique

  20. How to eliminate static from a scale

  21. Calculating how to split cells

  22. siRNA transfections

  23. How to calculate an Rf value

  24. How to pull capillary tubes

  25. How to make a bacterial spreader

  26. Polypropylene vs. polystyrene

  27. Miniprep tips

  28. How to mail DNA

  29. How do you say Hoechst?

  30. How to perform colony PCR

  31. Changing tanks on a gas manifold

  32. Western blot transfer

  33. Making an aspiration apparatus

  34. Converting nucleic acid absorbance to concentration

  35. Welcome to BenchFly

  36. Coming Soon...

  37. How to Shoot a Scientific Video