1. 2014 Spokane Lilac Festival Torchlight Parade - Floats & CVHS

  2. Clear Creek Fun

  3. Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch - Landing North

  4. Canyons and Mountains In A Day

  5. Wolfe Air Alaska 2011 for Frozen Ground

  6. Salmon Bar ID Landing in Super Cub

  7. Salmon Bar, ID Taxi and Takeoff in Super Cub

  8. Approaching Steptoe Butte

  9. A Playful Day on the Palouse

  10. Cessna 185 Takeoff from Magee Airstrip, Idaho

  11. Timber Basin Airpark

  12. Horsehaven Airstrip, ID Flyover and Landing

  13. Mile Hi Super Cub Take Off

  14. Clear Creek ID, Super Cub Land and Take Off

  15. Clear Creek Wilga STOL Ops

  16. Soldier Bar Super Cub Take Off

  17. Corben / Pober Jr Ace and Salmson Radial Startup

  18. Overhauling an Aircraft Engine (Part 2 of 2)

  19. Overhauling an Aircraft Engine (Part 1 of 2)

  20. Repairing Structural Tubing (Aircraft)

  21. The Construction of a Light Aircraft (1943)

  22. Super Cub Winter Take Off

  23. Flying the Magical Hatz Biplane

  24. Hatz Biplane w/ Warner Radial (HD)

  25. Bill Rusk's Warner Powered Hatz Biplane

  26. Super Cub Landing Soldier Bar, Idaho

  27. Hope Lutheran Church 2010 Youth Gathering Trip - New Orleans

  28. 2010 Central Valley High School Marching Band "Criminal"

  29. Cheney High School Marching Band 2010 "Fabric of Time" Opening

  30. Cavanaugh Bay Priest Lake, ID Super Cub Landing

  31. Stearman C3B First Flight

  32. Chuck Egolf First Solo Flight!

  33. Stearman C3B Startup After Restoration

  34. First Flight of my Experimental Super Cub (Alt Ending)

  35. First Flight of my Experimental Super Cub

  36. First start of my Experimental Super Cub

  37. First Run of My Experimental Super Cub (short)

  38. 10 Ship Stearman Biplane Formation

  39. Le Rhone Rotary Engine Startup on 1917 Thomas-Morse Scout

  40. Quest Aircraft Kodiak - Landing + Take Off Allison Ranch

  41. Fieseler Storch Fi-156