1. Pain Management Solutions - Colorado Springs, Colorado

  2. Panorama Providers

  3. Buddha's Palace

  4. Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary

  5. Herban Medicinals Denver

  6. Varieties for Life

  7. Valley Green

  8. Zen Garden

  9. ER Wellness Group

  10. Magic Castle Solutions

  11. Patients Association of California

  12. Angel Wellness Center & Nursery

  13. California Med-Aid

  14. Medcity Dispensary Tour

  15. Natural Remedies Dispensary Tour

  16. Chubby's Treehouse

  17. HRC Wellness

  18. Garden Grove Patient Group Dispensary Tour

  19. The Dandelion - Dispensary Video Tour

  20. Lockeroom Dispensary Tour

  21. Dreamland Collective Dispensary Tour

  22. Holistic Therapeutic Center (H.T.C.) Dispensary Tour

  23. Studio City Associates Dispensary Tour

  24. Higher Ground Dispensary Video Tour - Take a tour of Higher Ground in Denver, CO!

  25. Urban Cannabis Dispensary Tour Video

  26. City of Angels AHC Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tour

  27. The Dispensary Store

  28. The Bud Stop Dispensary Tour

  29. Daily Care Center Dispensary Tour

  30. Igzactly 420 of San Francisco

  31. Californian Alternative Medicine Collective in Artesia CA

  32. Medicine Man of Denver CO

  33. Being Blunt of Seattle

  34. Golden Nug of Garden Grove

  35. Medical Wellness Center of Tarzana, CA

  36. GoldCaps Soft Gels by TetraLabs

  37. Club Meds Wellness Center of Santa Ana

  38. Re-Up Garden Grove

  39. Hoyland Group of Van Nuys

  40. Oneworld Collective of San Diego

  41. So-Cal Co-Op of Tarzana

  42. Herbal Solutions of Long Beach

  43. Magic Castle Solutions of North Hollywood

  44. Strawberry Fields Alternative Health and Wellness

  45. MC2 Medical Cannabis Consultants

  46. Organic Amsterdam Mart Dispensary Tour

  47. Nature's Green Cure of Santa Fe Springs

  48. California Care Collective of Vallejo

  49. Golden State Care Collective

  50. Green Gardens of San Diego

  51. Magnolia Wellness of Orangevale

  52. Pure Medical of Colorado Springs

  53. Organics Herbal Nutrition Center of Los Angeles

  54. Top Shelf Alternatives of Boulder CO.

  55. Emerald City Health of Riverside

  56. Red Dog Green Collective of Vallejo

  57. The Holistic Choices

  58. North Park Quality Collective

  59. The Kind Alternative of Preston WA

  60. Lacey Cross

  61. Mt Hood Wellness Center of Portland OR

  62. Herbal Solutions of Long Beach

  63. Natural Solutions of Long Beach

  64. The Clinic Medical Marijuana Center

  65. The Wellness Shop of Denver

  66. 1313 Collective of Santa Ana

  67. Medicinal Gardens San Jose

  68. Organic Healing Center of Los Angeles

  69. T Squared of Van Nuys, CA

  70. 562 Discount Meds inc. of Long Beach

  71. MMJ America Boulder, CO

  72. Physician Preferred Products of Northglenn, CO

  73. Doctors of California Medical Distribution DOCMD

  74. Pain Management Solutions Colorado Springs

  75. The Green Door of San Francisco

  76. Canna Couture of Pomona

  77. California Wellness Services of Anaheim

  78. Green Cross LAX

  79. H.I.P. Collective of Woodland Hills

  80. Venice Beach House

  81. Balboa Medical Center BMC 10547.mov

  82. The Grove of Garden Grove

  83. Denver Relief of Denver

  84. Native Roots Apothecary

  85. Fruitridge Health & Wellness

  86. Higher Elevation Medical Products H.E.M.P.

  87. Mother Earth's Alternative Healing Cooperative

  88. BotanaCare MMC

  89. Karmaceuticals of Denver

  90. Rampart Discount Center Los Angeles

  91. Conscious Care Cooperative Lake City Seattle

  92. Green Leaf Cure Riverside

  93. Cannahelp Collective of Palm Springs

  94. Kush House of Anaheim

  95. Zen OC Santa Ana