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  1. Henry Mendez "El Tiburón (The Shark)" (Official Video)

  2. Henry Méndez - El Tiburón (The Shark)

  3. Dasoul "De Lao a Lao" (Official Video)

  4. Ivi Grau "The Love" (Official Video)

  5. Henry Mendez, Charly Rodriguez, Cristian Deluxe & Dasoul "Todos Los Latinos" (Official Video)

  6. Fuse ODG feat. Tiffany "Azonto" (Official Video)

  7. Hype Active vs Nile Rodgers ft. Pitbull, Play'N'Skillz & Vonzell Solomon "Freak [Where I Wanna Be]"

  8. Remady & Manu-L "Holidays" (Official Video)

  9. Dave Stiller "Stay Away (Asteroïds)" (Official Video)

  10. Keymass & Bonche "La Modelo" (Official Video)

  11. Bê Ignacio "Samba ê" (Official Video)

  12. Jaybee feat. Maury "Mon Bijou" (Official Video)

  13. Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie "This Is What It Feels Like" (Official Video)

  14. Basshunter "Crash & Burn" (Official Video)

  15. Otto Le Blanc & Alain Prideux "Loco" (DJ KUBA & Ne!tan Remix) Official Video

  16. Tom Boxer & Morena feat. Sirreal "Las Vegus" (Official Video)

  17. Fuse ODG "Antenna" (Official Video)

  18. Cristian Deluxe "Sexo, Tabaco y Ron" (Making Of Videoclip)

  19. Mike Candys feat. Evelyn & Tony T "Everybody" (Official Video)

  20. Jhona 'El Ingeniero' "La Vida Dura" (Official Video)

  21. Mastiksoul feat. Dmol "Hands Up" (Official Video)

  22. Bladi 'El Melódico' feat. Henry Mendez "Te Voy A Olvidar" (Official Video)

  23. Moree Mk feat. Ambush Mc "Summer In Maui" (Official Video)

  24. Flaix Summer 2013 (Promo Video)

  25. Basshunter "Dream On The Dancefloor" (Official Video)

  26. Jhona 'El Ingeniero' "Nadie Como Tu" (Official Video)

  27. Jhona 'El Ingeniero' "Donde y Cuando" (Official Video)

  28. Otto Le Blanc & Alain Prideux "Loco" (Official Video)

  29. Rozalla feat. David Anthony "Everybody's Free" (Official Video)

  30. Nicco & Dank "Into The Light" (Official Video)

  31. Miamibiza Hits 2013 (Promo Video)

  32. Charly Rodriguez "Toca Toca" (Official Video)

  33. João Lucas & Marcelo - Eu quero tchu, Eu quero tcha (Videoclipe Oficial)

  34. Cristian Marchi feat. Max'C "Let's F**k" (Official Video)

  35. Manuel De Diego feat. Mc Levit "Love" (Official Video)

  36. Clase-A "Una Noche Loca" (Official Video)

  37. Bingo Players "Out Of My Mind" (Official Video)

  38. Takers feat. Cassie McIvor "Run Away" (Official Video)

  39. The Bangers feat. Chris Madin "You'll Find Me" (Official Video)

  40. Mike Candys feat. Evelyn & Carlprit "Brand New Day" (Official Video)

  41. Neykon & Ruddy "Corazón Triste" (Official Video)

  42. Panda Rock "Punk" (Official Video)

  43. Angel y Khriz "Me Cansé" (Official Video)

  44. Nuria Swan "I Want You" (Official Video)

  45. Cristian Deluxe "Sexo, Tabaco y Ron" (Official Video)

  46. Henry Mendez "Mi Reina" (Official Video)

  47. Ilegales "Chucuchá" (Official Vídeo)

  48. Fraag Malas "Ella Me Pone" (Official Video)

  49. Arash feat. Sean Paul "She Makes Me Go" (Official Video)

  50. Os Almirantes feat. Latin Fresh "Hola Mami" (Official Video)

  51. Bingo Players feat. Far East Movement "Get Up (Rattle)" (Official Video)