1. 4560 Thumbnail

    Man thrown into the air during dramatic hit and run in California

  2. 4561 Thumbnail

    Chariots of Fire recreated with Olympic Torch

  3. 4562 Thumbnail

    Fireman resuscitates dying dogs with oxygen mask

  4. 4563 Thumbnail

    Deadly bomb attacks in Iraq kill and maim scores of Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims

  5. 4564 Thumbnail

    Sebastian Vettel tries out New Jersey Formula 1 track

  6. 4565 Thumbnail

    England players practise headers in swimming pool

  7. 4566 Thumbnail

    Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond claims his bank account was hacked

  8. 4567 Thumbnail

    Come on England! Battle of the Euro 2012 anthems begins

  9. 4568 Thumbnail

    Prince William congratulates the Queen at Fields in Trust event

  10. 4569 Thumbnail

    Danny Welbeck: 'England can build on France draw' at Euro 2012

  11. 4570 Thumbnail

    Toddler thrown from speeding getaway car during police chase in Texas

  12. 4571 Thumbnail

    Giant whale washes up and dies on beach in Canada

  13. 4572 Thumbnail

    Photos released of Miami face-chewing victim Ronald Poppo

  14. 4573 Thumbnail

    Nick Clegg says he was ignored by the Rupert Murdoch press

  15. 4574 Thumbnail

    Wildfire guts 100 buildings in Colorado

  16. 4575 Thumbnail

    Duchess of Cambridge sings God Save the Queen during royal Nottingham visit

  17. 4576 Thumbnail

    World's biggest doner kebab cooked in Turkey

  18. 4577 Thumbnail

    Real animals and fake rain: Danny Boyle's Olympic opening ceremony vision

  19. 4578 Thumbnail

    Cars swept away and houses ruined as flooding ravages northern Colombia

  20. 4579 Thumbnail

    Tornado sweeps through Venice

  21. Thumbnail

    Romanian gang attempt truck robbery from bonnet of moving car

  22. 4581 Thumbnail

    Footage shows armed robbers breaking into family home and stealing car in Manchester

  23. 4582 Thumbnail

    Kitesurfing champions show off their skills in Portugal

  24. 4583 Thumbnail

    Woman set on fire in Florida gas station

  25. 4584 Thumbnail

    Heavy rain causes flooding in China

  26. 4585 Thumbnail

    The Britalian Job: Olympians chase Jodie Kidd in MINI's

  27. 4586 Thumbnail

    Parts of China shrouded in smog as farmers burn crops

  28. 4587 Thumbnail

    Extreme tattoos on display in Colombia

  29. 4588 Thumbnail

    South Korea shows off its air power with military drills

  30. 4589 Thumbnail

    Footage of Sarah Outen's sea rescue released by Japan Coast Guard

  31. 4590 Thumbnail

    Poland's psychic elephant predicts Polish Euro 2012 win over Russia

  32. 4591 Thumbnail

    Psychic pig correctly predicts results at Euro 2012

  33. 4592 Thumbnail

    Toddler dangles by head from balcony in China

  34. 4593 Thumbnail

    Gordon Brown denies he 'declared war' on Rupert Murdoch at Leveson Inquiry

  35. 4594 Thumbnail

    Tomato fight! Colombia hosts Tomatina festival

  36. 4595 Thumbnail

    Millions party at world's largest gay pride in Sao Paulo in Brazil

  37. 4596 Thumbnail

    Technicolour asteroid: Nasa release Vesta in colour video

  38. 4597 Thumbnail

    China prepares to launch manned mission to space lab

  39. 4598 Thumbnail

    Oreo try chicken, cheeseburger and gum flavours to tempt Asian customers

  40. 4599 Thumbnail

    Oldest sisters celebrate 213 combined years

  41. 4600 Thumbnail

    Wildfires sweep through Colorado forests

  42. 4601 Thumbnail

    Car drives off with policeman on bonnet in China

  43. 4602 Thumbnail

    Original working Apple 1 computer goes up for auction for an estimated $180,000

  44. 4603 Thumbnail

    Dramatic on-board helicopter footage shows Welsh flood rescues

  45. 4604 Thumbnail

    Prince Philip leaves hospital

  46. 4605 Thumbnail

    Gay Pride: Thousands gather to celebrate in Tel Aviv

  47. 4606 Thumbnail

    Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley weigh-in in Las Vegas

  48. 4607 Thumbnail

    England team learn of Europe's dark past at Auschwitz

  49. 4608 Thumbnail

    Siberian tiger cubs nursed by dog in China

  50. 4609 Thumbnail

    Robin Gibb's family and friends turn out for his funeral in Oxfordshire

  51. 4610 Thumbnail

    Colombian police rescue 13-year-old Ecuadorian kidnap victim

  52. 4611 Thumbnail

    Psychic fish predicts Poland vs Greece Euro 2012 match result

  53. 4612 Thumbnail

    Giant Roy Hodgson statue unveiled ahead of Euro 2012

  54. 4613 Thumbnail

    Boris Johnson's awkward moments on the Late Show with David Letterman

  55. 4614 Thumbnail

    Family missing after buildings collapse in Italy

  56. 4615 Thumbnail

    Greece: Golden Dawn politician lashes out on live TV

  57. 4616 Thumbnail

    Tsunami dock crosses the Pacific Ocean, found one year later in USA

  58. 4617 Thumbnail

    Graphic video footage shows massacre which killed 78 in Syrian province of Hama

  59. 4618 Thumbnail

    The Queen pays a visit to her husband Prince Philip in hospital

  60. 4619 Thumbnail

    Furious Tamil protesters burn effigy of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaska in London

  61. 4620 Thumbnail

    Rescuers race to save beached baby whale

  62. 4621 Thumbnail

    Anders Breivik trial judge caught playing Solitaire in court

  63. 4622 Thumbnail

    Psychic pig predicts Euro 2012 results

  64. 4623 Thumbnail

    Diamond Jubilee flypast: The view from a Spitfire and a Lancaster Bomber

  65. 4624 Thumbnail

    Rare astronomical event as Venus passes between the Sun and Earth

  66. 4625 Thumbnail

    Orphan elephants rescued from poachers

  67. 4626 Thumbnail

    HM the Queen thanks the nation following her Jubilee weekend

  68. 4627 Thumbnail

    Jubilee Tuesday: The day's highlights in three minutes

  69. 4628 Thumbnail

    Queen and Royal party appear on Buckingham Palace balcony

  70. 4629 Thumbnail

    President Obama's Diamond Jubilee message to the Queen

  71. 4630 Thumbnail

    Royal procession: Prince William, Prince Harry and Duchess of Cambridge travel by carriage

  72. 4631 Thumbnail

    Crowds pack the Mall to see the Queen on the Buckingham Palace balcony

  73. 4632 Thumbnail

    Royal procession: Queen travels by horse and carriage through the streets of London

  74. 4633 Thumbnail

    Royal trumpet fanfare as the Queen and her family arrive at Westminster Hall for lunch

  75. 4634 Thumbnail

    Archbishop of Canterbury pays tribute to the Queen at St Paul's

  76. 4635 Thumbnail

    The Queen walks by herself during St Paul's procession

  77. 4636 Thumbnail

    The Queen arrives at St Paul's for a Diamond Jubilee thanksgiving service

  78. 4637 Thumbnail

    The Queen meets Cheryl Cole and Peter Kay backstage at Diamond Jubilee concert

  79. 4638 Thumbnail

    Elton John and the Queen poke fun at Gary Barlow backstage at the Diamond Jubilee concert

  80. 4639 Thumbnail

    The Queen jokes with JLS about her TV dinners backstage at the Diamond Jubilee concert

  81. 4640 Thumbnail

    Jubilee beacons lit throughout the Commonwealth

  82. 4641 Thumbnail

    Dead pet cat is turned into flying helicopter

  83. 4642 Thumbnail

    Video diaries reveal 'life with Osama bin Laden'

  84. 4643 Thumbnail

    Nigeria plane crash: Kills all on board

  85. 4644 Thumbnail

    Mr Trololo: Singer Eduard Khil dies aged 77

  86. 4645 Thumbnail

    Space Shuttle Enterprise sails through New York

  87. 4646 Thumbnail

    Nissan DeltaWing debuts on test day at the Le Mans 24 Hour

  88. 4647 Thumbnail

    Gloucester hosts British Shin-kicking Championships

  89. 4648 Thumbnail

    The Royal River Pageant in Music: Songs of the Thames flotilla

  90. 4649 Thumbnail

    Diamond Jubilee River Pageant: The Best Bits

  91. 4650 Thumbnail

    The Royal barge passes under Tower Bridge

  92. 4651 Thumbnail

    Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant wows crowds

  93. 4652 Thumbnail

    The Queen arrives in white for Diamond Jubilee Pageant

  94. 4653 Thumbnail

    Boris Johnson: The Jubilee River Pageant is London at its best!

  95. 4654 Thumbnail

    Pacific Ocean rower sends Diamond Jubilee message to the Queen

  96. 4655 Thumbnail

    Spirit of Chartwell arrives for final Jubilee flotilla preparations

  97. 4656 Thumbnail

    Prince Charles at Big Jubilee Lunch on River Pageant day

  98. 4657 Thumbnail

    Aerials of boats mustering ahead of Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

  99. 4658 Thumbnail

    Tintin In America cover sells for 1.3 million euros in Paris