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Sima Nan, A Die-Hard 50-Cent CCP Defender

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Uploaded on Nov 15, 2011

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A Shenzhen-based young girl went to a speech
given by Sima Nan, a media professional in China.
She asked him why he slandered the renowned artist
Ai Weiwei and blind activist lawyer Chen Guangcheng.
Pretending to be calm, Sima Nan insistently placed
emphases on the innocuous details around the issues.
Netizens comment that Sima Nan is indeed a senior
50-Cent commentator of Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
He showed skills that can qualify him to be
a spokesman of CCP's Foreign Ministry.

On November 13, Sima Nan was invited
by M4.cn to give a speech.
At the Q & A session two young girls
unexpectedly appeared in the lecture room.
One of them, in dark sunglasses, claimed to be the female
who posted online that she's "willing to sleep with someone who can hurt Sima Nan."
And that today she came just to "rock the boat" of Sima Nan.
The audience pulled out cell phones and cameras. The video was later uploaded online.

On the video, the sunglassed girl excitedly stands up
and walks beside Sima Nan, angrily questioning why he slandered Ai Weiwei and Chen Guangcheng.

The girl: "You know why Ai Weiwei was framed?
And just now you said Ai Weiwei has gained repayment, there is no such a thing at all.
I dislike very much what you said about Chen Guangcheng.
What has Chen Guangcheng done to you, that you maliciously accused him in such a manner?"

Sima Nan: "Take off your glasses. Let's talk about it calmly"

The girl: "I can never have a calm word with you.
I have tolerated you for a very long time.
Your nonsense talks haven't been for just a day or two.
I came today to rock your boat."

Sima Nan repeatedly tried to lead the girl
towards irrelevant issues, using cynicism at times.

Sima Nan: "The sunglasses are Chen Guangcheng's feature,
what brand are your sunglasses?"

The girl ignores Sima Nan's attempt to change the topic,
continuing to express her issues with him.

The girl: "You think that posing like an intellectual
will make you an intellectual?
Can an intellectual be like you?
With a mouthful of nonsense?"

Sima Nan assumes a pretense calm, trying to sidetrack
the talk, in the face of the two girls' strong and fair arguments.
In the end, the two girls are pushed out
by "angry youths" attending the speech.

A netizen posted: "Sima Nan was indeed a senior 50-Cent
CCP commentator, posing to be calm. He is qualified to be CCP' Foreign Ministry spokesman."

Other netizens comment that in the rogue-rampant society,
Sima Nan is a typical political gangster.

A month ago, Sima Nan commented on the issue
of Chen Guangcheng being put under house arrest.
He said: "Chen Guangcheng is a chess piece
planted by the US 10 years ago. Now it ferments.
Obviously, Cheng Guangcheng's case is used by the US
to bully us, an ideological war waged by the US, with the aim to humiliate China."

After Hong Kong's July 2011 march, Sima Nan said on his
microblog that college students told him they were hired for the march, "someone provides us with meals and money."
Netizens questioned Sima Nan's remarks,
saying that he is inconsistent with the facts.

After Ai's arrest on April 3, Sima Nan said in an interview,
"If Ai Weiwei prospers, China will become worse."
Sima Nan claimed Ai Weiwei too is a chess piece of the West,
and that Ai spent "foreign money" to play political games.
Regarding Ai's support by people to pay the huge tax fines
levied by the CCP authorities, Sima Nan slandered Ai again.

What Sima Nan has done was to provoke netizens strong
reactions. Many believe Sima Nan needs "a good beating."
A netizen wrote that Sima Nan started by objecting Qigong,
and as long as the CCP opposes something, he will follow.
Sima Nan is a typical die-hard 50-Cent CCP defender.

Sima Nan, or Yu Li, born in 1956 in Heilongjiang,
is a true representative of CCP's anti-pseudo scientists.

NTD reporters Li Yun and Wang Mingyu


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