1. ISAF 9/11 Ceremony

  2. ISAF hosts jirga workshop

  3. 08 09 12 Suicide Attack BG Katz

  4. CDR ISAF Eid al-Fitr Message

  5. BG Katz statement 17 August 2012

  6. ISAF Spokesman discusses recent attacks

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  8. Afghan National Army Soldiers Take Lead in Op Atash-Qalb

  9. ISAF - Week in Photos

  10. Military Working Dogs

  11. Army Now - June 25th, 2012

  12. General Allen speaks about handing over bases

  13. Freedom Watch Update - June 15

  14. HQ ISAF celebrates U.S. Army 237th birthday

  15. Lt. Gen Bradshaw interview on hostage rescue

  16. Khowst Province PRT building for Afghanistan's future stability

  17. Airmen W@R

  18. Gen. John R. Allen Memorial Day remarks

  19. Afghan Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians Test New Skills

  20. Clearing mission in Stowgan village

  21. Army Today - April 30th, 2012 - ANSF taking the lead

  22. Attack on FOB Whitehouse

  23. Afghan National Army Air Assault in Southern Kandahar Province

  24. Freedom File: Female Engagement Team Overview

  25. Route Clearance in Afghanistan

  26. ISAF Spokesperson comments on coordinated attacks 15-04-12

  27. ISAF CSM visits soldiers across Afghanistan

  28. Afghan Border Patrol and Gold Geronimo

  29. Freedom Watch Update - March 26

  30. د جنرال جان الن د نوی کال پیغام PASHTO

  31. Gen. John R. Allen Nowruz (new year) message

  32. Freedom Watch Update - March 15

  33. ANA operating patrol base.

  34. ISAF CIVCAS Conference

  35. Freedom Watch Update - Feb. 27

  36. General John R. Allen, commander ISAF Statement

  37. In Their Voices: Nawa District Community Council Chairman Discusses Progress

  38. Sounds of the city

  39. A Look Inside the FET

  40. Korean Provincial Reconstruction Team - Parwan Afghanistan

  41. In Their Voices: Afghan National Police 1st Lt. Fazil Rahman Talks About Security

  42. In their voices: District governor of Sangin discusses change in the district -- Par 2 of 2

  43. District governor of Sangin discusses change in the district

  44. Afghan National Police Talks About Education in Sangin district

  45. ANP Training by Italian coalition partners.

  46. In their voices: Musa Qal'eh deputy district governor discusses progress

  47. Multinational MEDEVAC Training at Camp Marmal

  48. Deputy Commander ISAF statement denouncing deplorable act.

  49. Freedom Watch Update - Jan 11

  50. In Their Voices: Marjah security chief talks progress in district

  51. Army Today - 1-205th Afghan National Army

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  54. General Allen Holiday Greeting to the Troops

  55. Freedom Watch Update - Dec 16

  56. Ghazi Stadium Look Live

  57. Views From Jalalabad

  58. Service members of Anti-corruption Task Force

  59. Dr. Ashraf Ghani asked about Pakistan border incident

  60. ISAF spokesman addresses AFG/PAK border incident

  61. Afghanistan's Simorgh Film Company

  62. Loya Jirga, Kabul, November 2011

  63. Mazar After Transition


  65. Welcome to U.S. Forces - Afghanistan


  67. The Train Through Hairatan

  68. Eid message from Gen. Allen (Pashto)

  69. Eid message from Gen. Allen (Dari)

  70. Eid message from Gen. Allen

  71. General Caldwell Looks Back On His Time In Afghanistan

  72. On the Frontline in Kandahar

  73. Preventing Underage Fighters

  74. A Businesswoman in Herat

  75. ISAF commander's Navy birthday message

  76. 0448 Mountain Peak Outpost WITH VOICEOVER rs

  77. Sound Central Asian Modern Music Festival, Kabul, Afghanistan

  78. Testing Border Relations

  79. Gen. Allen speaks with Pentagon Channel

  80. Afghan police give lives defending Kabul

  81. Sergeants Major Conference, Afghanistan

  82. ISAF Commander checks on his troops after attacks on US Embassy & ISAF HQ

  83. Afghan Air Force and Coalition Forces respond to Attack in Kabul

  84. Water for Life

  85. General John R. Allen, ISAF commander, Delivers 9-11 Message

  86. A Year in Kabul: A 9/11 story

  87. Marines, Afghan National Army Distribute Food in Helmand Province

  88. General John R. Allen Eid al-Fitr Message

  89. Explosive Hazards Reduction

  90. Afghanistan's Aviation future meets America's Aviation legends

  91. Gen. Carlsten Jacobson, ISAF Spokesman

  92. Progress of an Afghan National Army Patrol

  93. General Allen, ISAF commander, Ramazan message - English.avi

  94. General Allen, ISAF commander, gives Ramazan greeting - Pashto.avi

  95. General Allen, ISAF commander, gives Ramazan greeting - Dari Version

  96. ISAF Change of Command 2011

  97. ISAF Change of Command Ceremony - Part 1

  98. General Petraeus: Looking Back

  99. Growing Afghanistan Companies