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Brain Drill - Apocalyptic Feasting (Sped Up 50%) - 10) Sadistic Abductive

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Published on May 31, 2012

If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to show a friend a cool band, and looked on Youtube to find only crap live videos, I'd have at least... $50.
In all seriousness, we all know the feeling. I had to make another account to remedy this frustrating 10 minutes of widely misspent life.

The nitty gritty fresh and fitty, or something less grindpop-core influenced than that:

1. I upload all genres.
2. I upload all songs from EP's, albums, etc. with the obvious exceptions.
3. I love making lists.
4. I upload the lesser known bands, usually not on Youtube.
5. I also upload usually every band I'm uploading here to my metal/anything music blog, for downloading: http://trvekvltpandas.blogspot.com/

I hope I save you some of that frustrating 10 minutes of wasted productivity... doing whatever it is you people do.


Meet Brain Dri-- Woah, woah. Ok, if you don't know Brain Drill, I seriously will wonder where you have been. This album features flipping Marco Pitruzzella, aka "Lord Marco."

Firstly, I'd like to thank Youtuber UnnaturalSelection95 (http://www.youtube.com/user/Unnatural...) for the inspiration to do this complete album. He did the song Sadistic Abductive sped up by 50%.
And I also want to thank XenoChrist (xeno/xenocrust) at Duckcore for the encouragement to make this.

Now, just when you thought Brain Drill couldn't go any faster, wank any harder, or get any better.
Features an RC remote controlled car in the 1st and 8th track and Dani Filth as guest vocals in every track.
I converted all the mp3's to wav files and then put them into Audacity, then changed the speed. It gets you the best possible quality, or so I think (going off what others have said).
Personally, I think this sounds better than the actual album.

Yes, you can download this album sped up in a zip archive on my blog "Pandamonium!", after I reopen it. If you would like it before then, message me on here.
And yeah, if you want to leave suggestions for future albums to speed up, let me know in the comments. I may do more of these, but they are a lot of work.

Until then, enjoy the music, and don't be an e-jerk.


A sadistic callinf from the inside has now left me misplaced.
From time I've seen you come past my way. It must have been only yesterday.
Your skin had looked so fair you did not have a care.
Sadistic thought have been on their way.
And it haunts me. Tying you down so you can not move a thread.
Your place is here my fantasy has not been met. Now the pain begins.
And as I cut you a chill sends through me. You plea for your life.
And I won't let you despite your screaming. Your death comes quickly.
An early grave. Should never crossed ways.
An early grave my mind's haze. Whore.
Sadistic addictive, you lay gutted and lacerated
Sadistic addictive you were simply a piece of meat.





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