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  1. Andy Feelin as NightColt - Full Moon (Over Ponyville)

  2. Andy Feelin befriends Glaze - Rainbow Factory [Terror EBM version]

  3. Andy Feelin as General Mumble befriends Vol Jang - Ponytroll

  4. ArcaneSpark befriends SupaSpeedStrut - The Shadowbolts' Guise

  5. ArcaneSpark befriends Kisuke - Trixie: A Star No More

  6. ArtAttack Befriends General Mumble - She's a Pony [Dubstep Remix]

  7. Aussie befriends N3uro - Progress

  8. Aussie and Circuitfry befriend The Marking Dude - Platinum Cupcakes

  9. Bartekko Befriends Chain Algorithm - To Prove (bartekko mix)

  10. BronyMike befriends WoodenToaster - Wacky Factory

  11. Cat Milly vs. RainbowCrash88 - U Got 2 Share

  12. The Conversion Bureau - Prologue & Chapter 1

  13. Cyril befriends Eurobeat Brony & NotACleverPony - Luna's New Republic

  14. Derpy Hooves as Silva Hound: Derpy Hooves [Radio Edit]

  15. DerpyGrooves AS Circuitfry - Sonic Bloom

  16. Dr Dissonance befriends Pinkie Cake: Discord of Harmony

  17. Dr Dissonance befriends Makkon: Trixie Dances the Dance of her People

  18. Dr Dissonance as Interrobang Pie: Over 9000 Parasprites

  19. Foozogz As PinkiePieSwear - Sparkle (Season Rebirth)

  20. Foozogz As Pickle Befriends Omnivore - Forever Dreaming

  21. General Mumble befriends Not A Clever Pony - For The New Lunar Republic [Remix]

  22. General Mumble as Makkon - Rainbow Sands (The Curse of)

  23. General Mumble befriends Interrobang Pie - Mumble Invades Equestria

  24. General Mumble as Andy Feelin - Last Dance, Dash

  25. [Private Video]

  26. Flutter (Post-HXC Remake)

  27. Bulb - Nyan Cat (Nyan Rainbow Dash Remake)

  28. StormWolf befriends Kil6969 - MLP FiM Theme - 8Bit RPG Battle (Storm's 32bit Remix)

  29. PonE-Sharp vs TarbyRocks - Candyshop of Horrors

  30. Kryptage befriends Jackle App - Summer (Kryptage Dub [Mastered])

  31. Kumquaticus as Pinkie Guy- Cake Battery

  32. Kumquat Befriends Pinkie Cake - Silly Voice Problems (Pinkie Panzer Mix)

  33. Makkon as General Mumble - Test Pony

  34. Makkon befriends Jeffthestrider - Impressions of Celestia Origins

  35. Michael A. vs. Jackle App - Pony Metropolis

  36. Michael A. as Foozogz - Christmas in Ponyville(Snowed-In Mix)

  37. I Need That(Feat. DerpyGrooves)

  38. NightColt as Andy Feelin - States of Mind

  39. NoizyBrony befriends D.J. Nyah - The Silliest of the Silly Ponies!

  40. Winter String Quartet

  41. Share and Care

  42. Petfood56 as ArtAttack - Don't be too hasty

  43. Pinkie Cake as Zorg - Solar Empire's Forge

  44. Pinkie Cake befriends Jeffthestrider - Celestial Origins

  45. Pinkie Cake befriends Keep on Rockin' - Spin That Speedcore Vinyl Scratch

  46. clopclop teh pony befriends foozogz - crazy cupcakes

  47. [Pusti tries to Befriend Notacleverpony] Lunar Republic: The Plight of Cloudsdale

  48. [Pustulio Befriends Derpy Hooves] Element of Magic (Twilight's Sonata remix)

  49. RobotPony befriends Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Insomnia Mode)

  50. sci vs [voodoopony] - Luna's Spectrum [extended spectrum mix]

  51. sci as Supersaw Hoover - quickdrop

  52. Sean NH befriends PinkiePieSwear - Giggle at the Ghosty (Overjoyed Mix)

  53. Shrimpchris Befriends Infinity Dash: Octavia's Band covers Fluttershy's model music

  54. Supersaw Hoover as sci - scidle gossip (how do I sci mix)

  55. Tarby - The Wings You Earned

  56. Tarby - Kaos Rizing

  57. tritone befriends Eurobeat Bony - luna (daydream mode)

  58. UnderpΩny Befriends PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder (UnderpΩny Remix)

  59. Vafrous Coyote as Tarby befriends Not A Clever Pony et al. - For Luna

  60. (VinylScratchPony befriends MLPFiM Abriged) La Hooves - Muffinproof

  61. A Waltz for Trixie Remix

  62. (Remix War IV) X-Trav Befriends Dr.Dissonance - Concert Paraphrase on "Luna's Lament"

  63. zorg befriends norris3942 - Flutter (orchestral remix)