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  1. Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar

  2. Twilight New Moon parody of Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas

  3. Blame Halo 3 - Spoof of Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me

  4. Bad Grammar - The Way I Are Parody ft. HotforWords

  5. Train - Hey Soul Sister Parody: Harry Potter (Before We Say Goodbye)

  6. Hey There Delilah Spoof ( Hey Harry Potter )

  7. In The Game - World of Warcraft

  8. Gay Asian Kitten - Bare Naked Ladies YouTube Parody

  9. MacDonald Reborn - Parody of "Into the Night" by Santana ft. Chad Kroeger

  10. Doomsday

  11. Vice President - Sarah Palin ft. John McCain (Parody of American Boy by Estelle ft. Kanye West)

  12. When You're Here - Parody of Avril Lavigne When You're Gone

  13. Rainbow - REMIX

  14. Dexter - I Just Haven't Killed You Yet - Michael Buble Parody

  15. Empire State of Mind Parody - Huge Dork

  16. Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar (YouTuber Remix!)

  17. Rockband Hero - Still Alive parody Jonathan Coulton

  18. Owl City Fireflies Parody - Celebrity

  19. Chomp Chomp (On Your Love)

  20. Blame It On Halo Reach - Spoof of Blame it on the Alcohol

  21. Let Me Be Clear (An Original Song)

  22. Handlebars by the FloBots Spoof - Handlebras

  23. Rebecca Black - Friday Parody- Pancakes!

  24. Easter Bunny - A Parody of Living Dead Girl

  25. Daddy Why Did You Eat My Fries? Adventure Time a cappella cover